August 28, 2013


I want to start off by talking about BarryM's nail polishes in general. I am personally a big fan of their nail products. Their polishes come in a simple, glass, rectangular bottle, with "NAIL PAINT BY BARRY M" written over it. Unlike some nail polishes I always find BarryM's products easy to use. The handle to the brush is a suitable size, so that you have more control over the polish, resulting in a neater finish. The polish itself are usually more of a thick, watery substance as opposed to being gloopy, sticky and tacky. Their products are very affordable, usually around £2.99 for a normal polish, and slightly more for the more detailed polishes. There is a good amount of polish in the bottle, and when applied to your nails it lasts a long time, (although you need to allow for some chipping and peeling, as with all nail polishes). BarryM sell many gorgeous coloured nail varnishes and when faced with a collection of them, it's a big decision just choosing one to take home.

The question is, "Is Indigo the one to take home, or to leave on the rack?" Keep reading to find the answer to this question...

Depending on the lighting, Indigo is a cross between being a dark purple/ navy blue. So the first thing I will say (to save your time, of course) is if you prefer lighter polishes such as nude and pink etc this colour is not for you, however if you're more of a dark colour kind of gal, then this colour is perfect for you! Usually, most nail varnishes look completely different on your nail than in the bottle, but that's not the case with this nail polish! What you see is what you get! The colour is also very opaque with just one coat, (although it's always a good idea to apply two coats of polish). It's a UK brand, so is difficult to get your hands on in other countries, but for all British readers it's easily purchasable from drugstores like Boots and Superdrug. The brush is a great size, not being too small or too large, so you can get full coverage on your nails with minimal strokes. It is also easily removable with some nail varnish remover. The downside is that it does chip or even peel on the edges, after a short amount of time wearing it. As it's such an inexpensive product, we can allow some room for just one disadvantage though, can't we? ;)
So basically, it's a great product for the price, easy to apply and attractive to look at (when in the bottle and when applied). However if you hate polishes which chip and peel, or simply aren't into dark colours, then say bye-bye to this product, as it's just not for you, and hope that my next post will interest you! :-)

That's it for today ladies...

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  1. love this colour!

    - hana

  2. This colour is beautiful :)
    Kirsty x

  3. I have this colour, its amazing! Nice review!!

    Georgie x

  4. Barry M is one of my favorite nail polish brands, to bad I'm in the US

  5. I love Barry m, my nails actually too decent when I use it! But I love this shade, defiantly looking out for it! Hx

  6. Great post, I usually like more pastel colours, but I actually really like this one! Will be great for doing nail art :) x

  7. what a lovely colour, i may have to go purchase this myself