September 02, 2013


In the colder seasons, my skin tends to get very dry. As we are closely approaching autumn, I want to prevent this from happening. So, I have decided to try using some products which should help prevent dry skin. Today I will be reviewing body butters from The Body Shop :)
I have accumulated these body butters after various trips to The Body Shop. They are one of the most popular products Body Shop sell. I personally find these butters mediocre. They are quite hydrating and an intensive moisturiser, however if you apply too much of the product on one area, it will come out being quite greasy. I would also recommend, applying it to only the driest areas on your body! I have collected 4 body butters (in total), and have been given 3 testers.

The largest tub I own (200 ml, 6.9 OZ, 192 g) is the "Passion Fruit" body butter. (I have an old version of the butter). As it was given as a present, I'm not a big fan of the scent. I don't "hate" the smell but I don't "love" it either. The smell reminds me of play doh, (not sure whether that's a good thing)..? :) & after a few uses I began to find the smell quite "boring"... It's not something I would have chosen anyway. :) * This is just my opinion though. Everyone has their own personal preference, with regards to the smell*

 The texture is quite thick. When applied to your body it becomes quite sticky- I don't like this because your body clings to your clothes- making you feel quite uncomfortable! It's £13, and I don't personally think it's worth it! Do remember though, that I have the older version, and some adjustments may have been made. Also, when reading other reviews it is often rated 5/5! So, if it sounds like something you would like, you can purchase it from here:
 I have three medium sized body butters: "Strawberry", "Nutmeg and Vanilla" and "Shea". In comparison to the larger tubs, I have to admit that I prefer the slightly smaller size. They easily fit into a handbag, being not too big, nor too small, (about the size of your palm).
I'll start with the "Strawberry" body butter, (50 ml, 1.7 OZ, 48 g) Again, this is an older version, to the one currently being sold. At first I hated the scent, it's very sweet, sickly and overpowering, however I have grown to like it. It still has a very strong smell to it, but when applied in moderation, it's bearable. If you love strong, sweet smells, then this is perfect for you... but if you prefer a less overpowering scent-or simply hate strawberries then I would advise to stay well away from this butter! This butter has more of a thinner, creamy feel to it, and is more easily applied than the passion fruit one. It still leaves my skin feeling slightly sticky, but not to the point where I feel uncomfortable. Although I have a small tub, The Body Shop site only sells the larger tubs for £13 each! You can purchase it here:

Next is the "Nutmeg and Vanilla" body butter, (50 ml, 1.69 OZ, 48 g). I actually quite like this scent. It's subtle, yet pleasant. I usually dislike the smell of both Nutmeg and Vanilla, but I feel as if they  both really compliment each other! The consistency of the butter is very smooth and creamy, perfect for  moisturising and protecting dry areas. All butters leave your skin feeling sticky, (some more than others)... This one leaves a nice coating on your skin, as opposed to a sticky, greasy coating! I tried looking for the product online, and couldn't find it on The Body Shop website... If you are considering buying it then check if they sell it in your local Body Shop store!
 Finally, is the "Shea" body butter, (50 ml, 1.75 OZ, 50g). This is probably my favourite scent, out of them all! It's discrete but still noticeable when wearing it. On the tub it says it's for "very dry skin", and it works, it really does. Instead of leaving that "very sticky" feeling, it is quickly absorbed by the skin, and you can feel your dry skin transform into silky smooth skin, almost immediately! BUT WAIT, there's more goodness... on the back of the tub it says, "support community fair trade- Shea butter from Ghana , cocoa butter made using coco beans from Ghana, babassu oil from Brazil, beeswax from Zambia." This is also a fantastic factor, as I'm all for Fair Trade! In addition to this they also claim that they are "against animal testing"! This one sounds like a winner! ;) This is again only £13, for a big tub, AND is their best seller! You can buy it from here:
My last visit to The Body Shop, was a good one. This was because I was given 3 testers. I haven't yet tried these but I'm very excited to do so! My guess is that the reviews will be very similar to these ^, but I may consider doing a new post if they're anything special!


  1. Thank you so much for the reviews. I have not been a fan of Body Shop body butters but you make me want to go and take a second look :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, great reviews! I love these body butters, I just always forget to moisturize! haha Just started following your blog! xx

  3. I LOVE body shop butters! my skin feels amazing after using them. have to get a new one soon :) X

  4. This is my favourite body butter, it smells so lovely :)) xx

  5. I love these body butters! They really do work wonders for me! I find they sink in really quickly and moisturise for a long time! My all time favourite is the cocoa butter one it smells like heaven in a tub! Mango is my go to summer scent it's fab!
    Lovely blog!

    Hann |