September 14, 2013


I have heard so many good reviews on the Maybelline's Baby Lips, and when I realised they sold them in the UK, I ran to my local drugstore/ beauty store and bought one! Today I will be writing an honest review about the one I purchased.

I was faced with such a big decision to make, which one to buy? I must have spent at least half an hour deciding... In the end I went for the "Pink Punch". At first glance, I loved the packaging of the product. Its vibrant and fuschia packaging matched the colour of the product itself. It then has bright yellow writing on the lid saying "BABY LIPS". It comes in your typical chapstick/ lipstick packaging, where you simply turn the bottom section so that your lip product comes out of the tube... The size of it is quite compact, meaning you can easily fit it into a handbag.

The scent reminds me of watermelon, and it definitely makes my mouth water. It's subtle but still noticeable. As for appliance- (because it's only designed to be a tinted lipbalm) its quite sheer. However if you build it up it begins to become much more opaque, and is great for that pop of colour. You can add as little (by dabbing) or as much (by building up the colour) as you like. It's very easily applied and therefore is great for beginners! Something I hate about some lip products are the way they feel on my lips. I usually want to take it off straight away, but this is not the case with this product! You can't even tell when you're wearing it. The final question to be answered is, "does it do what it claims to do?" On the initial packaging it claims:

Healthier looking lips
Lips look visibly renewed
Lips felt baby soft
Lips felt less dry

For me personally, I think the first two are correct, and the second two are not. My lips did appear to be healthier looking and renewed. However they did now feel any softer or less dry than before. If you are looking for less dry/ softer lips, then I would recommend using a lip scrub. (You can make on of these at home, if you think this would be beneficial, I will do a DIY post on it!)

Overall, I think it's a fab product, especially for the price (£2.99), and would recommend you buy one.
You can purchase it from here:



  1. I adore the Baby Lips! I have the same one as you, the scent really is delicious haha xx

  2. I bought this one the other day, can't wait to try it!:)
    Bubbly B

  3. I tried the Peach Kiss one at I am in love x

  4. I have those lipstick and agree with you- lips look healthier while wearing it, but if I would remove it my lips would be dry in no-time! But I still like it :)

  5. I have heard so many good reviews about this product, that I will definetely buy it!