December 26, 2013


I went shopping last weekend to see if I could buy any Christmas presents for family and friends- I came back with no presents but 10 treats for myself... Oh well, accidents happen! H&M currently has a small sale of their jewellery- how could I resist?

The first item that caught my eye was this lovely pack of pearl rings! They would go with any outfit,  season or occasion!

Shortly after, I found more rings.. They came in a large pack of 7 or 8... Obviously you wouldn't wear them all at once- (like in this picture) but each and every ring is special in it's own way. There are some more minimal rings- perfect for those who like simple accessories, and big, bold but beautiful rings for more extravagant people!

I then found the cutest, most summery-ist friendship bracelet I have ever seen! The bright colours and shiny studs caught my eye from a mile away!

Although I'm not a big fan of gold coloured jewellery- this piece caught my attention, and I loved it from the second I saw it!  It's a chunky, statement necklace which would 'jazz up' any old or plain t-shirt.

I usually feel self- conscious wearing massive hoop earrings, but these 'babies' are the perfect size. They are simple and silver in colour- (classy), but have a sparkle in them- (funky)! Personally, I would go for the formal look- a black blazer maybe?

So, I've brought rings, necklaces and earrings- what's missing? bracelets, of course! These bracelets came in a pack of two and they're so stylish! My mum brought them for herself, but I 'borrowed' them... (and never gave them back)!

The final piece of jewellery I purchased was (yet another) necklace. This one is silver, and is my personal favourite item! It goes with any outfit, and can be worn in any way. From 'casual' to 'formal'.

I then invested in a loose fitting black top, and a warm, bright jumper!

Wooooooooo!! That was a successful shop!


  1. Lovely haul! I love the rings :) I recently went to my local H&M and saw a beautiful necklace on sale...I might have to go back!

    xx Ali

  2. I love H&M jewellery - its very hard to resist when there's a sale on! I love the rings you bought, especially the pearl ones. They are so pretty x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

  3. i have that silver necklace too - it is such a great layering piece!

  4. I love H&M. Its my fave store, I especially love their jewellery! You managed to grab some great bits. :)

    Love From Twinkle

  5. You have great taste in jewellery! I love all your picks :) ♥

  6. Great picks, I especially love that silver necklace! H&M is one of my favourite places for jewellery x