December 15, 2013


Here are some pictures of my nails. This post is designed to show you the result of following my 'nail care routine'. I can't promise that your nails will be the same as mine, but by doing this routine, I was able to reach my goal of having nice, long nails. I was frequently asked if they were 'fake', and how I got them so 'long' and 'strong'... My nail care routine, will answer these questions! Please feel free to check it out, and comment and follow. Thank you, lovelies!

Click here for my 'Nail Care Routine'.


Can I get a 'woop woop' from all truffle lovers out there?

Glitter, Polish and OREO'S- 3 nicest things, all in one!

Costa, anyone? Mhmmm, the thought of one is making me super thirsty!



  1. ok firstly!truffles=YUM and oreos=YUM hehe!you have a great blog girlie!:i like your motto at the top of the page)x

  2. You have beautiful nails! x