December 28, 2013


Self discoveries- This is a very personal, meaningful resolution. I want to make frequent and new self discoveries... what do I enjoy doing? what career path do I want to go down? what makes me happy? You'd expect that I already know these types of things- I don't, but I will!

Become more fit- I am the most unfit person you will ever know. I hate sport- it's so tiresome and painful. However, new year, new start... I'm always procrastinating against doing anything that involves this much effort, but it stops here! It will be essential for me to do some type of physical activity each day- whether that be going on long walks, or jumping on the trampoline. 
Eat healthier- During the wonderful festive period of Christmas, it's easy to eat too much turkey, and not enough veggies! Also, when you're continuously faced with chocolate... its hard to resist! I'm usually quite a healthy person, but recently I've been eating anything I can get my hands on.

Drink more water- I love water, I really do- but it appears that a small bottle lasts me the whole week. I should be drinking a lot more than this, and from 01/01/2014 onwards, I will do!

Prioritise- I want to evenly space my time between studying, socialising, blogging and everything else. I need to prioritise though- ensuring more important tasks are done first (as a priority), and that the more enjoyable, optional tasks are done in my free time!
Spend less time on phones, tablets and other devices- the internet can be a very addictive thing. I have often found myself in a world of my own- completely ignoring the world around me. I'm not the only one (I know for sure), I think some of us need to become more sociable- we need a reality check! 
Stop overthinking- I'm definitely an over thinker... the most trivial of things play on my mind. I will make a mountain out of a molehill. I will think that someone is annoyed with me when they're not, and will think 'oh my god, why did I say that, I sound like an idiot'. I need to become more relaxed about things and make sure they don't play on my mind! My friend, is also an over thinker- maybe I inherit it from her... thanks girly!!
Just say 'yes'- I have said 'no' to way too many things this year, and have therefore missed out on some wonderful opportunities. I don't want 2014 to be a reoccurrence of this. I will say yes. I will say yes. I will say yes.
Blog more often- This year, I decided I want to start blogging, and that's when 'Luscious Lane' was born. Blogging now plays a large role in my life and I love it with a passion. It's so enjoyable, and I plan to continue with it for as long as possible... There was a certain point where I didn't blog for 2 months, and (ideally) I don't want this to happen again! (It probably will though, as I will be very busy throughout 2014).

Learn to cook- I can cook the odd thing, but I want to be able to cook any meal you throw at me. I can't currently do this, but I hope to learn soon enough.
Find a hobby/ talent- There are hundreds of things people can do including: playing an instrument, dancing, singing, acting, doing magic tricks and knitting- me on the other hand- well, I'm pretty talentless! So in 2014 I hope to find a hobby or talent which I thoroughly enjoy and will pursue.



  1. I second the "Just say yes" sentiment. I don't make resolutions, but I was thinking about this one anyway. Or, in general, just be less hung up on what might happen if I do things like hit on the hot guy at the bar. I think we just need to go for it! :)

    Shani x

  2. love this post and just finished readying quite a few of your beauty posts. deffo do more of these as you give good sound advice. Thank you for introducing me to your blog via twitter. check out mine if you get a chance


  3. Great post. I really need to try and drink more water this year too!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic