December 10, 2013


Today, I will be answering 'The Christmas Tag' questions created by:

Do you prefer a real Christmas Tree or Synthetic?
Synthetic. I've never had a real Christmas Tree, I wouldn't know what to do with it.

You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
 This is a no-brainer... a caramel latté, ... DUH!

What's your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
 Red and gold- together they are the perfect combination, so cosy & christmassy!

Giving or receiving?
It depends. For some reason, I absolutely hate people opening my presents when I'm with them, and likewise I hate opening presents when the giver is watching over me... How am I supposed to react? How will they react? I find it a lot of pressure. Obviously I love both the giving and the receiving of presents though, but I could never choose between the two.

To mince pie or not to?
 Not to! Even the thought of one makes me cringe... Mince pies are just not for me, I'm afraid...

What's your traditional Sunday lunch?

You think I'm joking... I'm not.

PILE IT UP & THEN GO FOR SECONDS! Turkey, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, peas, gravy.... the list goes on!

Christmas Day Fashion?
I don't follow a trend or anything... maybe a warm (preferably sparkly) dress with plain, black, thick tights.

What's your favourite Christmas Song?
How can I possibly choose? There are so many!

Hmm, for a modern song, you've got to love 'Jingle Bell Rock'- The Mean Girls.

A slightly older one would be, 'Last Christmas'- Wham!

But the best one, and by far my favourite would have to be 'Do They Know It's Christmas'- Band Aid. SO inspirational, and it really makes you think about those less fortunate!

What's your favourite Christmas Film?
 ELF & Home Alone... LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH! I'm addicted and I just can't get enough... 

Open presents before or after lunch?
 Before! It's a tradition for us to open them in the morning. Who can wait until after lunch anyway.. not me!!

I tag YOU to do this tag, so get answering :-)



  1. This post has made me feel so Christmassy! I've gotta agree with you though about the Mince Pies - I try one every year thinking oh maybe it won't be so bad.... you'd think I'd have learnt my lesson by now!

  2. Lol when you said jingle bell rock I immediately thought of mean girls and then I read the whole thing and I started laughing (: great post!

  3. Cute post When are we going to visit the coffee shop together my favourite is Gingerbread latte xxx :)