January 04, 2014


This is my first Advice post. It's quite different to my usual shenanigans, but I've wanted to do one of these since I first started blogging! I would love to post one- once a year. I am trying to broaden my horizons, and I am going to start 'lifestyle blogging' as well as just 'beauty blogging', what do you think?

Anyway, I hope you like it!

Who do you tell when you're being bullied?

Anyone you can rely on! The more the better, and remember- a problem shared is a problem halved. You need to believe and understand that things will get better, especially if you tell someone- perhaps your parents, or a teacher. The more people who are aware of the problem, the more support you gain!

3 ways I can deal with stress?

It really depends on what kind of stress. I'm no expert, but I would recommend doing something you enjoy: playing an instrument; drawing or singing etc. I've also heard that sport or exercise helps to release stress, so get up, get moving! Finally I would recommend being positive. I know this sounds really strange, but according to 'NHS Choices' "it requires a shift in perspective for those who are more naturally pessimistic." http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/Pages/reduce-stress.aspx

Do I have to wear makeup now im in year 9?

Of course not! I have to agree that girls in year 9 do start taking an interest into makeup and beauty, but that doesn't mean you have to! If you prefer to go natural, then that is your decision! And people will have more admiration for you if you stand out, and show off your natural beauty, than if you suddenly go to the other extreme and cake it on...

I really badly want to wear makeup but I am not allowed to...

Firstly, thousands of girls feel this way... Secondly, don't feel like you need to wear makeup. Makeup is an art, a hobby and a talent. Thirdly, there are more options than to just wear makeup- you could use a lip scrub to enhance your lip colour (without using lipsticks, glosses or balms), or Vaseline to lengthen your lashes (without wearing mascara)... There are lots of DIY tips you should try out there which give the illusion of wearing makeup when really, you're not. Here, I have created a blog post about all of the beauty uses of Vaseline, enjoy!

What are my GCSE options & what should I take?

I'm not one to answer this, as after all, they're your options, however, I have heard that the most stressful and time consuming are Art and Drama (If you thoroughly enjoy them, then you will be dedicated enough to stick with it and do well in them though). The options will vary from school to school, but usually the options are: Art & Design, Business & Computing, Drama, Dance, Music, Food, Languages, Geography, History, IT, Physical Education and more. Maths, English and Science are core subjects, meaning you have to do them- they're compulsory.

I hate fashion, makeup and all the rest of it, is this bad?

No, definitely not! Everyone is an individual, keep that in mind. I know people who love beauty but hate fashion! Never feel like 'the odd one out' just because you dislike those things. That's so trivial in the larger picture!

I felt a lot of pressure from family/school to do a-levels but i've gone against it...

A-levels were seen as such valuable qualifications, but now everything else is too. I think it's wonderful how you did what you felt was best. Although I would never recommend 'rebelling' against people, this must've took courage, and I admire you for that! I see where you're coming from- there is so much pressure to do a-levels... That was the only option I was informed about- we weren't told about apprenticeships or BTECS, just a-levels! Such a shame.

Thank you so much for all of your lovely questions, please don't hesitate to tweet or DM me on Twitter- @MyLusciousLane if you want your question to be included in the next Q&A | Advice post!



  1. this has basically just covered everything going on in my life right now! Really good post xx

  2. Very true about going makeup-free or natural-looking/minimal makeup in Grade 9! Definitely not a necessity in the slightest :) no need to grow up faster than you have to (haha it'll come) or try and fit into the mold of what you might think is "pretty" or "popular" just because other people are starting too! :)


  3. so cool of you to do an advice post, especially one aimed at younger readers - I know when I was in school we were all pushed to do a-levels and it was frowned upon if you didn't go to uni straight away, which is just silly. All some teachers care about is the league tables and that's it.


  4. Hello :) just to let you know I've nominated you for a Leibster Award! Read more about it on my blog faceitamy.blogspot.co.uk