January 24, 2014


Blush or Bronzer- Bronzer. I'm not a big fan of blush. It suits some people more than others though...
Lipgloss or Lipstick- I'm a more matte-y person as opposed to gloss, so I definitely prefer lipsticks!
Eyeliner or Mascara- Hmm, this is difficult! I love eyeliner, but I don't think it looks very attractive without mascara, so I'd have to go for mascara.
Foundation or Concealer- I don't wear either. I'm a tinted moisturiser or BB cream kinda gal. Ill say foundation, just because I think it looks nice on other people, but I've personally never wore 'full on/ thick' foundation- just something light, and preferably with SPF in it.
Neutral or Colour eye shadow- Neutral, just because you can wear it with any outfit, and at any time.
Pressed or Loose eye shadows- Loose, as they're easier to use, and tend to be more vibrant
Brushes or Sponges- Brushes. Sponges soak up too much of the makeup.

OPI or China glaze- I've never tried China glaze, so ill have to say OPI.
Long or Short- Hmm, I don't like extremes of either, but I am becoming a big fan of long nails. Mine are doing well, you can see them here. & my nail car routine is here.
Acrylic or Natural- Natural, allllllll the wayyyyyy!
Bright or Dark- It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I like lighter colours, and sometimes dark. On the whole, I'd probably go for darker colours, I'm a big fan of my blacks, blues and greens.
Flower or No flower- No flower, I have other designs I much prefer.

Perfume or Body splash- Probably, body splash. I only use perfume on special occasions.
Lotion or Body butter- Body butter is too thick, and greasy. I think lotion.
Body wash or Soap- Body wash because soaps apparently have lots of germs on them. No thank you.
Lush or Other bath company- Lush. I'm soooo obsessed with that shop recently! They always have really cute festive products. Team Lush!

(Firstly, these answers will mainly be one word answers, simply because of the fact that I'm not a big fan of fashion- id rather just chill in leggings and a baggy top:) I do however, love all things beauty related)
Jeans or Sweat pants- Sweat pants.
Long sleeve of Short- Short.
Dresses or Skirts- Dresses? Skirts? Dresses? Skirts?.... erm, I, like, uhh... Lets just stick with dresses.
Stripes or Plaid- Plaid. 
Flip flops or  Sandals- Sandals. 
Scarves or Hats- Scarves.
Studs or Dangly earrings- Studs. 
Necklaces or Bracelets- Bracelets. 
Heels or Flats- Flats. 
Cowboy boots or Riding boots- Neither, really. I'm not the biggest fan... Riding boots.
Jacket or Hoodie- Hoodie.
Forever 21 or Charlotte russe- Forever 21. 
Abercombie or Hollister- Hollister.
saks 5th or Nordstrom- What are they, haha!

Curly or Straight- Curlaaayyyyyy! But that's probably because I have naturally straight hair... And you always want what you haven't got!
Bun or Ponytail- Ponytail, although I never have my hair up. Ever.
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips- My hair, (being quite thick) won't stay up with bobby pins, so Butterfly clips!
Hair spray or Gel - The awkward moment you thought only boys wear gel... Hairspray!
Long or Short- I feel like the style has gone back to shorty-medium length hair, but I still love it Long.
Light or Dark- I honestly can't answer this... I don't like extremes of either, so I'd say Lighty-dark.. :)
Side sweep bangs or Full bangs- Side sweeeeeeppp!
Up or Down-  Down, down, down, down, down!

Rain or Shine- Hmm, I do love the rain, but I hate the cold... Warm-rain?
Summer or Winter- Summer, it makes everyone so happy!
Fall or Spring- Probably Spring- with all the cute daisies everywhere... 
Chocolate or Vanilla- Oh c'mon, I can't believe you're asking me this! Chocolate duh. 
East coast or West coast- I'm sorry, I don't even know the difference haha. What an awkward post!



  1. Wholeheartedly agree with some of your answers. I'm 100% bronzer over blusher - although I think you need to try China Glaze! The neon range is FAB.

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  2. This tag seems so much fun! I love reading your answers ;)


  3. Some amazing picks here - I adore everything LUSH!
    Love Vicky