February 06, 2014


So, I'm fully aware that I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but this is my first ever 'favourites' post. Whaaaaaaattt!? This is the January favourites 2014 post, where I will talking about a variety of 'favourites' as opposed to just beauty related objects.


Favourite song?

I'm loving Sam Smith - Nirvana... the lyrics are so beautiful and its generally a nice, relaxing song to listen to. I'm also kind of obsessed with Clean Bandit - Rather Be feat. Jess Glynne its such a funky song. n n n no, no place id rather be.. N N N NO, NO PLACE ID RATHER BEEEEEE! Excuse my love for this song, I just want to 'boogie' every time I hear it! And how can I forget? Im really adoring M8 - Midnight City. It's an oldish one now, however I've only just discovered it after getting back into 'Made In Chelsea' & hearing it on the Renault Scnenic advert. I loved the sound track and so was searching frantically as to what it's called so I could download it on my phone. Now, I'm lovin' it!

Favourite blog?

so I don't usually read blogs however, i'm beginning to venture out! At the moment im loving many blogs, however my favourites are definitely:

1) The wonderful Sammy from Beautycrush who i'm sure you all know. Her blog has a variety of posts including beauty, fashion and lifestyle- its great! you all need to go and have a peek now!

2) And one I have only recently discovered, which is the amazing Sarah from Temporary:Secretary what an amazing blog. Words cannot describe how much I'm loving this one at the moment. Save me the effort of explaining, and go and have a look yourself! You'll love it too, I guarantee you!

Favourite drink?

"when life gives you lemons, make lemonade..."
My favourite drink at the moment is this gorgeous icy drink from Costa. Yes, ice, in the winter, but I couldn't resist! It tastes amazing. I recommend next time you pay a visit to the wonderful 'Costa Coffee' you order 'Peach Lemonade'.  Mhmmmmmm, I could do with one now... To summarise it with one word, I'd say it taste's like happiness- im not kidding. I literally can't wait until I try all other variations!

Favourite nail polish?

This is a difficult one. I'm loving my white polish at the moment, I use the 'Snow Me White' one by Sinful Colours. They're an amazing and super cheap brand- I will be doing a review on them soon!

Favourite lip product?

One answer only, my EOS lipbalm. Every girl should own one of these, without a shadow of a doubt! In the UK, it's extremely hard to get a hold of them. I found mine is Selfridges, London, which is well-known for being very high quality yet quite expensive too. For example- they retail at about $3.29 in America, in Selfridges they cost £5.99, but I must say it's well worth the money & I will be repurchasing them!

Favourite YouTuber?

My favourite YouTuber changes on a daily basis! I didn't want to talk about one like Zoella, who is already very well-known... Personally, I'm currently loving Niki & Gabi, who are twins and have various different channels including a beauty channel. You need to check out there YouTube if you haven't already! I love discovering YouTubers with a really good camera quality, as it's very important in my opinion... These gals' have a heck of a camera quality, honestly! Check them out here:

So, that's it for my 'January Favourites' post. I really hope you enjoyed reading it, I definitely love writing it... Leave a comment below, and feel free to send me links to your favourites! Thank you for reading :)


  1. I love the blog temporary secretary! Such a cute blog. Love these favourite posts.


  2. Thanks so much for the shout out, that is so nice of you! The next fortnight, I will be blogging my style/outfit posts, so I hope you don't mind about that. But I'll have plenty of beauty posts after I've caught up with my fashion ones! The EOS lip spheres are one my favourites too. Another lip balm that I love are the Crazy Rumours ones from Holland And Barratts, they feel very similar to the EOS balms xxx