March 14, 2014


Two words- Candy Kittens.

In case you're unaware, Candy Kittens is a fashion and confectionary brand, run by Jamie Laing, a Made In Chelsea star and heir of the McVities family. They have recently launched their new 'Gourmet Gummy Candy Selection' in Selfridges, nationwide. Due to my unconditional love for both the show and the brand itself, I couldn't resist purchasing all the variations they came in: Peaches & Cream, Eton Mess, Apple & Elderflower, and Sour Watermelon. (I've tried to be as unbiased as I can, throughout the duration of this review).

On the whole, they are all delicious. I do have one that I'm not personally overly keen on- (I'll get onto that in just a sec). Remember though, with these sweets, everyone's opinions vary. So, what I like- you may not, and what I dislike- you might love. To summarise them with one word, it would be 'moreish'. The juiciness and tastiness just keeps you coming back for more... and more.... and more... and more! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Mhmmmm...

These bad boys are as natural as they come- consisting of no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and are made from real fruit juice... We're onto a winner!

When first purchasing them, I expected more in there. It felt near-enough empty. I was shocked! But when you start actually eating them, there's more than originally anticipated, and they do appear to last a relative amount of time. I brought mine from Selfridges on Oxford St. in London, but you can puuurrrchase them from any Selfridges or on their very own Candy Kittens website. They retail at £3.00 each but you can buy 4 for £10, (and I got a free cardboard box to put them in as well, smashing.)

I'm not going to beat around the bush, my absolute favourite has to be the 'Sour Watermelon' combination. Oh-My-Goodness-Gracious-Me. They're unexplainably good, *and I can assure you I have not been sponsored to say this, (as explained in my disclaimer)* But they're honestly scrumptious.

With regards to packaging, they come in a nice, smooth, glossy and waterproof packet, and are re-sealable... So you can close 'em up, and dive straight back into them later. The sweets themselves are quite big. They're designed to be a kitten head (Candy Kittens).

Peaches & Cream

Although I'll admit to loving all of these variations, 'Peaches & Cream' is probably my least favourite- that is not to say that you won't like them, though. In fact, this is my friends personal favourite!

They definitely taste peachy, especially your first few bites. Slowly, the cream taste starts making an appearance, and I'm not the biggest fan of cream, which probably explains why I'm not adoring this particular flavour. For me, the taste reminds me of cardboard. That's right, card-board. That's the only way I can explain it... Not that I've ever eaten cardboard, of course. These, in no way, taste 'bad', they're simply not my favourite, and if given the choice, I probably wouldn't repurchase these, and would prefer to spend this money on the ones that I really do love!

Eton Mess

This flavour is quite hard to describe.

It's bright pink in colour, as you can see in the image below... perfect for all of you girly bloggers out there. The taste reminds me of liquorish, I'm not sure whether anyone would agree with that. When you initially start eating it, it's tasteless, but then the flavours slowly come bursting out.

Apple & Elderflower

These are so unusually delicious.

Even though they're supposed to taste like 'Apple & Elderflower' (which they do in some sense), I can't help tasting pineapple, every time I go to eat them.

They literally taste soooo tasty. I much prefer them to 'Peaches & Cream' and 'Eton Mess'. The texture is a lot softer than the others, and it has more of a marshmallow feel to it. There's also an element of sourness in it too. I love how the taste changes from being originally sweet to finally sour.

Sour Watermelon

& then there's my favourite- 'Sour Watermelon'. This specific sweet is unbelievably juicy, the flavours burst on your taste buds and just sit there like "you know you want more!".  All of these sweets change taste when you eat them, but this is especially true for the 'Sour Watermelon'.

It definitely tastes like watermelon but doesn't have an overly sour taste, which I think is amazing. It's still sour, but also has a hint of sweetness, too. This ensures it's not too overpowering when eaten. Lots of sweets lose their flavour very quickly. I can't say this is true for this piece of candy though. From the moment it enters your mouth, to the second to swallow it, the flavour is constantly present.

The actual sweet is made up of two colours- red and green. It really stands out from the rest, as it's sugar coated.

I need a lifetime supply of these!

Well, that's the end of this post! I really hope you liked it, as it's my first food review I have ever done! Leave a comment down below, and make sure you're following on Bloglovin as I will be holding a mini giveaway when I reach 300!


  1. Ooh wow, I'd love to try these out! I'm a huge sweetie lover! x
    Sweet Dreams

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    Lovely first food review :D
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