March 23, 2014


Let's own up to it. Lots of us have iPhones, and other fancy devices, just for the cases that go on them... Am I right? But, if you have a case on it for too long, it just gets boring, and you want to switch it up and have a lil' revamp. Yes, I know the feeling. Trust me. That's why, when I was gifted an iPhone case to review, I was over the moon. & when I realised you could personalise this cases, I was even happier! *I want to quickly say that this is a PR sample, but all opinions stated in here are entirely my own, as stated in my disclaimer*

Before I talk about the case itself, I'll quickly make some general points. Firstly, it's free delivery (which is amazing) but on top of that, it's super quick too. I was absolutely gob-smacked when I had received my case just a few days after I had placed the order. And secondly, I was very satisfied with the way they dealt with any enquiries I had. They responded very quickly to any questions that I needed answering, and I was delighted with the 'after-care' I had received as well. The website is extremely easy to use. It's a very simple, step-by-step process.

Now then, when considering the actual product, I had chosen the 'Executive Flip Leather Style', and I personalised it with a normal 2 x 4 collage. You can actually see what it will look like before purchasing it, which means that you can spend time ensuring that you're 100% happy with it! This case perfectly fits the iPhone, and protects it all the way around. The images are of good quality, although they're ever so slightly darker than I had originally anticipated. The images are printed on one side of the case, and the other side is plain white. I like this as it's simple and minimalistic, and your attention is purely drawn to the side with the images on it. The sides are covered with a plastic material.

This particular case is one of the more expensive options and it retails at £19.95, but remember that prices may vary depending on the case you have chosen. Personally, I don't think this is a bad price at all, as I have seen other cases, just like this one, for a lot more! Another reason I love this brand is because, their cases are suitable for a variety of different manufacturers, including: Apple, Blackberry, Google, HTC, Samsung and Sony, and are available in different styles: Ultra Light Weight Slimline, Executive Flip Leather Style, or Full Wrap Around Premium Addition. You can also decide what layout you would like your photo's to appear in- from a heart collage to one simple image.

Overall, I can honesty say that, I really do like this case. It's high quality, attractive and affordable. (It's also a really nice idea for a gift). You can purchase one from here.

As I'm so impressed with these, I will be giving one away as a thank you token for reaching 300 Bloglovin followers. I am over the moon... (but I'll dedicate a whole post to this, which will be up very soon)! So keep an eye out!

Thank you all so much!


  1. Its a lovely case! I'd love a personalised case but they are normally all hard back but I love how this is a leather flip one :)

  2. Great post hun! I love the idea of a personalised case, and may have to look at getting one. Most of the time I can only seem to find them for iPhones, but I have a blackberry, so if they make them for blackberry I'm def going to have a look. Lovely blog :) xx

  3. Love the idea of a personalised case! Defo need to get myself one of these! xx

  4. Hey! I nominated you for the 'Very Inspiring Blog' Award! I truly love your blog and you can check out the post and what to do here: I'm looking forward to seeing your blog post! Be sure to link it to me on twitter xx

    1. Awwww. Hiya Pearl! Thank you for this nomination and gorgeous comment, it really means the world to me, I am honoured. I have been nominated for the 'Liebster Blog Award' a countless number of times, but this one is new to me. I won't be doing either of these 'Award' posts as of yet, but I will definitely consider it in the future. This is simply because I currently have a lot of posts in the pipeline that need to be posted first, and I'm extremely busy at the moment. Every single time I get a nomination, I get so happy. I want to thank you so much, you're an absolute darling! I hope to do it in the near future, it's much appreciated! Thanks lovely

      Rikki <3

  5. OMG I love your cover. I have to agree with you.. the only reason I always wanted to have an iphone is because of the lovely covers. But sadly, I own a Galaxy S2. And it's kind of ridiculous to find a decent cover for my phone. I've been thinking of getting a customized cover for myself too. Mr.Nutcase looks like a really great place though. :)
    Love, Somdyuti