April 20, 2014


Many of you know that I have been buzzing to tell you all 'something' that I'm personally very excited about... Without making this introduction too long, I can summarise it with one word- interview. All my life I have had a keen interest in interviews and have finally been able to host my first one. Let me assure you I have many more in store, so fear not ;).

I had the opportunity to interview the wonderful Leah Wright. She's recently made an appearance on the hit show 'The Only Way Is Essex', and she is Jessica and Mark Wrights cousin, and Elliott Wrights sister. When I saw her on the show, I was personally very intrigued by her character and wanted to know more, so when given the chance to interview her, I jumped at the opportunity! Here's how it went...

What's it like filming with TOWIE?
It's great fun filming with TOWIE and my family and friends.

What's your favourite beauty product?
My favourite beauty product is a highlighter by Mac called 'prep and prime' it highlights the area needed and hides the ones you don't want anyone seeing.

What are your hopes for the future?
I'd love to do more columns, blogs and TV appearances. I think I'd be great for Loose Women, I have so many views to offer regarding children, relationships, current affairs and I speak my mind.

How did you feel about the Jess/ Ricky situation?
It got out of hand but when a family member comes to you upset and we see her arguing, it's only natural for us to be concerned. I'm very close to Jessica, like a sister more than a cousin and although some people would feel like we are interfering, we only have her best interests at heart. Jessica is a big girl and will make her own decisions, and I will always respect that.

Best places to visit in Essex?
For me, I think that there are great restaurants in Essex, like the Brick Yard in Romford, and the Sheesh in Chigwell.

Other than your family, who are you closest to on TOWIE?
It would have to be Gemma Collins as we have grown up in the same area and knew each other before the show.

Name your fashion style with one word...

Do you watch any other reality TV shows?
I love Geordie Shore!!

Celebrity crush?
Enrique Iglesias because he looks a lot like my husband to be.

Will you be making a reappearance on TOWIE, on the next series?
I hope to support any new drama that Elliott or my family may get themselves into next, lol.

It was an honour to work with this girl, and let me just say I had a great time talking to, and getting to know Leah, she honestly seems like a lovely, genuine girl!

So, I really hope you have all enjoyed this post, I'm planning on doing a lot more of these in the future, so let me know if that sounds like something you'd want to see! Also, if you're interested in taking part in an interview, please don't hesitate to contact me... I'll see you all in my next post!


  1. Great interview! It really peaked my curiosity which got me to search the internet to find out what the show TOWIE is about! I must say now that I saw a few episodes I am completely hooked, thanks for introducing it to me!

  2. Awww. she is so pretty. Thank you for sharing with us . x



  3. Congratulations on being able to do the interview its an amazing read! Kelly xo

  4. Amazing! What a fab interview and opportunity.

    Charley xoxo

  5. So cool that you got to interview someone who appeared on a TV show! She seems really nice, Love it!
    xx beautyybychloe.blogspot.com

  6. Wow, congrats sounds like a fab interview! Loved this! Xxx
    sophie-ellie.blogspot.co.uk xx

  7. This is amazing your so lucky to have had this opportunity well done darl! :)