May 16, 2014


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done a review, hasn’t it? Before I even start though, I feel it’s only right to apologise to ‘Binky London’. This is because of the fact that I told them I would be reviewing their products, but it got left and left and left…! Finally, about 5 months later, I’m here with the review, woooooooooo!

So, I’m going to need to give some background information before I jump straight in- you guys know me…‘Binky London’ is a nail polish range by the wonderful Binky/ Alexandra Felstead from Made In Chelsea. I’m not going to go into too much detail, as you can read it first hand, here.

In total, I now have 3 of these polishes. Two I brought myself, and one was gifted to me from the lovely people in ‘Binky London’. I decided to purchase two of the ‘Textured Glitters’, as I personally don’t own many glitter polishes. Currently, they have 5 of these in store, all of which are viewable here. They then gifted me a ‘free’ one to review… I had the choice of another glitter or one of the ‘Fashion Colours’- I decided to go with the ‘Fashion Colour’ so I could review a bigger variety, for you guys. Here’s what I thought of them all…
Gold Rush
Firstly, I purchased this beautiful golden glitter polish (‘Gold Rush’). The consistency is very thick when applying it, and the brush is large so you can get very good coverage, easily. When the polish has dried, the glitter is very ‘rough’ in texture. The colour is extremely opaque, as promised. I often find, with many glitter polishes, the colour is transparent; however this was not the case here. This polish lasted around a week and a half with minimal chipping (which I personally think is amazing). This is probably because of the fact that glitters are extremely difficult to remove anyway- as I’m sure all you polish lovers are aware! Also, can I just add how a friend of mine actually thought I had poured glitter particles over a normal polish… She was amazed, and couldn’t believe how opaque this polish was.
*Marylebone Mint* PR SAMPLE 
'Marylebone Mint' is the polish that was very kindly gifted to me. At first, I was slightly disappointed with the colour. On the website, it looked like a very summery, pastel shade, but in actual fact, it was a cross between blue and mint, and was more ‘dull’ than originally anticipated. Appliance on the other hand was easy as the polish consistency is thin and not gloopy, allowing a nice and even coat. Also, there is a slight shimmer in the colour, so it shines ever so slightly in the light.
Purple Haze
Finally, ‘Purple Haze’ is the other glitter polish that I purchased. Obviously, it has the same qualities as ‘Gold Rush’ but this time, the colour is… well, purple! It’s naturally a darker shade of purple and it looks particularly good in daylight, as you can really notice the ‘foil effect’ it gives off. This is also one of those colours that change depending on the light… It goes from a dark purple (almost black), to a light, pastel violet. It’s very pretty and suitable for various occasions! The glitters retail at £5.95, and the normal colours are priced at just £4.95.

On the whole, I’d definitely recommend these colours (particularly the glitters as they tend to last longer than the normal colours). I would also highly advise following ‘Binky London’ on Twitter, as they’re always doing giveaways and have special offers on…! Right, well that’s all for this post… I’ve noticed that you guys don’t like very long posts, so I’ve tried to keep this short and sweet! Like I said, make sure you go and follow them on Twitter, and give one the polishes a go... there are plenty to choose from including their Gel Effect, Denim Effect, Special Effect, and Nail Care Essentials. Take care, girlies! 


  1. Oh wow, them glitters are stunning! *want*

    Jane | Blush. Feathers. Lipstick.

  2. These are the first glitter polish I've seen that actually create a full nail look without needing a base colour, I now want both of them x


  3. Whoah, ALL THESE SHADES ARE GORGEOUS. I especially like Gold Rush and the Mint. But yeah, the 'mint' shade isn't exactly a mint shade, though it is gorgeous nonetheless.

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

  4. Love those glitter shades! I really like the sandy nail polishes - find they last soo long, really like the Gosh ones as well :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. Now I'm biased to like this range as I like Binky. Well her and Millie were my favourites when I used to watch MIC :) I think the minty blue green is lovely, and the glitter formula looks nice and smooth. I hate the chunky uneven particles that you get in some polishes :)
    Love Kate xx

  6. I love these shades!

  7. You take great photos, this is not just for this post but on your other recent posts I have just been reading. /

  8. Ooh I love the gold glitter, it looks fab on! x

  9. Absolutely gorgeous shades! Really love the mint one! And your nail shape is also perfect! I wish I could keep mine all tidy and in one shape!

    Eesha x

  10. All 3 of them look gorgeous! Wasn't expecting this at all from Binky London. I'm always skeptical when reality stars release their own lines but this looks so good. I might just have to order some...

  11. I love Gold Rush and Purple Haze. Oh my. the colours are so eye-catching. They're definitely the colours I can see myself wearing. Love it. <3
    Love, Somdyuti

  12. Oooh the glittery polishes are just gorgeous!!

    Jordan xx

  13. Ooh these shades actually look really nice! :)
    I've always loved MIC but I didn't know how good the polishes would be - I might need to invest now!

  14. The glitter polishes are gorgeous colours
    Beth x

  15. Ahh those glitter shades are beautiful! Nice post :) xx

  16. I particularly like the Gold Rush and Purple Haze colours! They look great on, now to get a manicure soon! :)

  17. I love Gold Rush! I have an obsession with glitter nail polish!

    Lauren xxx

  18. These colours all look lovely - I'm especially in love with the gold one if I'm honest! It does look very opaque for a glitter polish which is always a good thing!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog - Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion xx