July 09, 2014


Reality TV show lover? Then keep on reading... This is my 3rd interview, and I have been so excited to post it. Hiding it from all of my readers and even friends has been hard work, but I can now announce that I had the chance to interview one of my favourite reality stars, ever- Caggie Dunlop. I'm sure you all know the wonderful Caggie but if not then I'm sure this interview will still interest you. Since leaving the reality show Made In Chelsea, Caggie has gone on to enhancing her singing career and has also created her own fashion brand, ISWAI. I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, I love ISWAI, they genuinely sell the best clothing and jewellery, go check out there website here. I am so glad I had the chance to interview such a lovely girl. Here's how it turned out...

1) What is the inspiration behind the name? Can you explain it- can anyone bring their idea to you, and how do they do so?

It Starts With An Idea seems fitting with the concept I wanted to create. A social hub of ideas around fashion and art, and the beauty of something on paper being bought to life. I guess that was the inspiration, besides, I liked the idea of an acronym. I always think it looks quite smart...also it creates a talking point, as no one knows how to pronounce it. The answer is there is no right way, I go for Hawaii but IS.. but each to their own. We have a general email address, ideas@iswai.co.uk where anyone can send some of their designs in.

2) What makes ISWAI different to every other fashion brand? Who are your products designed to appeal to- a certain age range, gender etc?

Well we started of wanting to separate ourselves from other brands, making the people in charge of the direction it went in. And also through my social media keeping involved with the fans. We aim to appeal to a wide audience, female predominantly, but we get a lot of boyfriends buying or their girlfriends! I'd say we are 14 to 35. Which is a broad scope so we are lucky. And also its becoming increasingly international.

3) Who is your personal fashion icon? Do you have one? Do you ever read fashion blogs or magazines for ideas and inspiration?

I love sienna Miler, and erin wasson. Yes very often. I think we would like to become a bit more high end editorial in our shoots and it would be great to feature in something like schon, or paper. But we will continue to grow organically and see what happens.

4) You said that your ‘business partner’ is your mum… why did you choose to work with your mum? Was it the other way around, i.e. her brand and then she chose to work with you?

Well it just happened really. I was starting out with a friend but it went a bit wrong, like working with friends in business can. And my mum and I have always been close and it just seemed to work.

5) Describe ISWAI with one word…


6) Out of the MIC cast, who believed in/ liked the idea of ISWAI the most?

umm probably Spencer.

7) One piece of advise you’d give to others trying to start their own brand…

keep your concept clear. And create a Solid business plan.

8) Do you think being in MIC helped contribute towards the success of ISWAI?

yes I would have the fans I have otherwise. So most definitely.

9) What are your hopes in the future with regards to ISWAI and life in general- would you ever go back on the show?

To continue to grow, and support young designers, but i think we are ready to start collaborating with other brands also, who are more established. to become an internationally recognised and on demand brand.

10) What’s the best and worst thing about having a fashion brand?

 The best, is well...I have my own fashion brand. the worst, waiting for products can we slow I want everything instantly!

11) What’s been the biggest thing that’s ever happened to you? Your singing career/ ISWAI/ the show?

I'm going to have to say my last trip to LA, which was very exciting. I signed with my dream agency and management. So now just getting my ducks in order to get back out there!


  1. I didn't know about Caggie's range, I loved her in made in Chelsea. I'll definitely be having a browse!


  2. I love ISWAI :) Caggie was my favourite on MIC, great interview!

  3. Great interview. Looking forward to checking out the ISWAI brand!


  4. oh wow, how exciting interviewing Caggie! I wasnt aware she had a clothing brand out so will definitely be checking it out- amazing post xx

  5. How Exciting!! Looking forward to the new brand!

    Parie xx

  6. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach


  7. Didn't know she had her own brand! Lovely interview.

    Laura xxx

  8. WOW! I love Caggie so much she is so classy and gorgeous! It must have been so cool to interview her. I think your questions were so well thought out and it was such a nice interview! Great Job!

    Lyndsey xxx