August 24, 2014


The 'ombre effect' has been a very popular look for your nails recently. It's a technique that is extremely simple to achieve, and can be worn on any occasion, on any person! There have been several in depth tutorials (which I am sure many of you have seen), but if not, then keep on reading... *Disclaimer*: I added white polka dots over the top, but that's an additional step.
How to create it:
1) Make sure you have everything you need: A sponge; The polishes you want to use, including a white; Scissors; A dotting tool (optional).
2) Apply a base coat to protect your nails...

3) Apply a white polish as a base. This will help make the colours on top more vibrant, and will make them pop.

4) If your sponge is big, then use your scissors to cut it into smaller pieces so that the sponge fits the size of your nail. This will help speed up the cleaning procedure.
5) Use your desired polish colours, and apply them in stripes onto the sponge. Make sure they are directly adjacent to each other so they blend in better.
6) Transfer the colour from the sponge onto your nail by either dabbing it, or pressing it onto your nail. Either way the colours should mix together creating a gradient. Get creative and choose whichever colours you like. For this tutorial I used a blue, green and purple.

7) Repeat the previous step on all the nails and wait for them to dry.

8) That's it for the gradient! Like I said, I added white dots on top of this design. For this, I used a dotting tool which are available to purchase online or in beauty stores. I am also planning on creating a tutorial on how to make a DIY dotting tool! Dotting tools come in handy in lots of nail art tutorials.

9) I put the white polish into my pot (which I use for all my nail art), and then I was able to dunk the dotting tool into the polish, and have more control over it.

10) I then just added plain polka dot over my nails. You can do this to all your nails (like I did) or as an accent.

Here's how it turned out, before the clean up process- (I didn't have any picture of my nails after I remover all of the excess polish- whoops)!

I understand that the gradient design has a ton of tutorials on it, but I feel like it is such a great look that will be included in lots of my future posts! Hope you enjoyed it, see you in 4 days... (yes, 4 days)!


  1. i love this! so cool

    from helen at // blog sale

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  2. This looks amazing, well done. Looks much harder to achieve than you've shown us all :)
    Rebecca, from The Two Twenty Somethings

  3. The process is so messy! Do you have any troubles with clearing that off?

    1. No problems at all- although it is quite time consuming... I use cotton wool and nail polish remover and it comes off soooo easily! People also tend to use a q-tip with polish remover, but I feel like that takes even longer! :)

    2. Thanks! I'll try it out, I love the whole ombre-layered effect!

  4. This looks amazing, just followed.

  5. I've actually never tried this, I've always wanted too but I just never have the time! They look really nice.

  6. I love it!!! Ombre effect is going to be very popular next Fall as well, just with darker shades. I recently posted about Nail Trends for Fall if you want to have a look. So glad to find your blog! Going to follow you, hope you'll do the same if you like! Much love!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook / International Giveaway

  7. I love it so much. I really love ombre effect but i don't have time to make my nails perfect. T.T your post is so cool.
    Bai, Shiki

  8. This is such a cool nail effect! Unfortunately my nails always get ruined in work so there is really no point me trying this :(

    Lauren |

  9. that's so clever! i love this post and the nails look so fab!

  10. Your nails look fab! This process is really clever too!
    Jodie | La Lune Song

  11. These are lovely! I love doing ombre nails but never thought of doing them the other way!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  12. They look so cool! I'm rubbish at nails, I wish I was better, I'd love to give this look a try!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  13. This used to be one of my favorite ways to do my nails besides marbling! The worst part is getting the polish off your fingers afterwards! Have you tried taping around your nails?

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Much Love, Joycie

  14. Ah!! This is so INTERESTING Nikki.Love this. Wanna try this awesome tip really soon. Have a lovely day N..

  15. Looks really really good! :D
    I always apply topcoat after using the sponges because it makes the colours more fade into each other naturally, which also looks really cool :'D

  16. Aww these look so cute! :)
    I haven't tried ombre nails in ages and this has inspired me to give it another go!