September 21, 2014


If you're a follower of mine, then you're probably aware that I am not really a fashion blogger, however, now that LFW has come to an end, I felt it was only fair to do a fashion themed post. Although I didn't attend LFW, I managed to stay updated with it all. I’ve loved the majority of the catwalks this year, as a lot of the trends seem to be quite wearable! Today I will be talking about technology and how it has affected fashion.  

Wearable technology
So, this point is slightly unrelated to London Fashion Week, but I'm sure you're all aware of Apple's new iWatch. I’m not sure whether this is a very fashionable item to wear, but one thing's for sure... I want one, and I'm sure a lot of you do, too!

Social Networking Sites
So, this is an obvious one… Most brands have social networking sites, and I love following them on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It's an amazing way to keep updated on the latest trends and great for outfit inspirations. Quick fact, Burberry has more than 17 million likes on Facebook- WHAT!?… are you serious!?

3D Modelling
The other day, I read that some designers were using 3D modelling to 'try outfits on'. This was the first time I had heard of this concept! I'm not sure how I exactly feel about this, but it's an unusual idea, that I assume is beneficial for some of these top brands.

Visual Search Software
Now this one’s super cool. It's crazy the amount of times I’ve seen an outfit that I like, (in real life or on networking sites like Instgram or Pinterest), but don't know where to purchase it from. I'm always reluctant to ask people where an item of clothing that they're wearing is from, in case I seem like a bit of a freak. Now, there's actually a software by Cortexica, where you snap a picture of an outfit or item of clothing you like, and they find an exact or similar item, that you can buy! It's like your very own personal shopper, haha! As you can imagine, I was so excited to try this out, to see if it actually worked... It did! I just think it's so clever. You can go on their website, and have a browse around, and you can also download an app called Style Thief, available for free on the App Store. They are also pairing up with fashion brands in the future (it’s a top secret)- so exciting!
The original photo (left) was taken from one of the catwalk shows in LFW 2014. I used Cortexica to find similar products, and the image on the right was my personal favourite match!
Well, that's it girlies, I hope you enjoyed this post. I had planned another post, but this one felt more appropriate for the current time. Let me know what you think about the idea of Cortexica, and make sure you have a quick look at their website! Disclaimer: I was asked by Cortexica to write about technology in fashion, and felt it was a great idea, so went along with the idea!


  1. That cortexica app sounds amazing!! I am already looking it up

    Great post hun!!

  2. I also want to try that out - really interesting post have followed to read more after the chat x

  3. such a good idea for a post, enjoyed reading. the visual search apps are definitely going to take over soon! x

  4. Such a good post, I've literally just typed up my own technology/fashion post which is scheduled for a week or so!
    I'm a technology consultant and love that part of my day job is merging with my hobby.
    I already follow you on bloglovin but would be great if you could check my blog out.
    Sam xx

  5. What a amazing post, i really enjoyed that x

  6. Loved this post! Intrigued by 3D modelling!

    Style Sunrise☀


  7. So true! I can definitely say that Pinterest has helped me find most of the styles I wear everyday. I've also found the app The Hunt to be really helpful! You just post items you find online and people help you find stores that have what you're looking for -- so great!

  8. Hey Rikki, thanks for following my blog!

    3D modelling would be amazing if it could be utilised from home- there's sunglasses sites that let you "try on" sunnies on a picture of your face, which is so handy!

  9. I really like the app too, I will have a post up on technology's impact on fashion soon, I'd love it if you would read it :) x

  10. The Cortexica app looks amazing! I've never even heard of it! Now just to snap someone's outfit without them looking haha!