September 01, 2014


We've all had problematic skin at one stage or another, and recently, it was my turn to suffer... I naturally have quite healthy skin (a combination of normal to oily) but went through a breakout stage. Rather than just covering it all up with makeup, I wanted to find some new products that would help get rid of the issue, and prevent it in the future. I asked some of you bloggers which products and brands you would recommend, and lots of you said to try the Tea Tree range from The Body Shop. When I was in there, I brought a few things that I thought I'd share and review for you today...

Squeaky-clean scrub - £6.50

This scrub contains tiny little exfoliants that help to cleanse your skin and unclog pores, something I've had a lot of recently! When I use this product, I feel as if it removes any excess oil without drying your skin, which as a result, feels clean and smooth. I use this scrub in the morning as it is extremely revitalizing, so helps to wake you up and prepare you for the day ahead. It can be used on blemished skin (to help repair it) and normal skin (to prevent blackheads etc)... Your pores will be visibly clearer!
Skin clearing foaming cleanser-£5.00

With this particular cleanser, I  squirt one pump and massage it into damp skin- especially in the problematic area (which, for me, is my T-Zone and nose). Once washed off, your skin is left feeling cool and refreshed. It's very gentle on the skin, yet still effectively removes excess makeup and dirt from your face. It 's designed to help remove blemishes and deeply cleanse the skin, all of which it does do! The best thing about it is how quickly it works, it's a very speedy process.

Skin clearing toner- £5.00

This toner is the final step in my skincare routine, I use it just before applying moisturiser or BB cream. It helps matteify the skin and prepare it for makeup. It removes any extra dirt and makeup- (even when you think your skin is as clean as can be)! I love using this product on my neck too... Before use, you need to shake the bottle to activate the minerals. The only problem with this is that (if you forget to shake the bottle) it burns my skin slightly. They advise putting it on a cotton pad before applying it on your skin. It's 'clinically proven' to give clearer-looking skin

Double headed blackhead remover-£4.00

I also had some blackheads appearing- ugh. This tool supposedly removes blackheads. It's a double sided device- (the smaller side removes the smaller black heads, the larger side removes bigger blackheads). Personally I feel like the small side works but the bigger side doesn't. This may not be the case for every one, but it's what I feel... To use this tool, you need put a hot flannel on the area you are targeting, so that it opens up your pores. You can then press the device on your black head and scrape away... (this is such a horrible description, haha). I'm not sure whether this product is recommendation-worthy, I do feel like it's a bit of a water of money.

Finally, I purchased this pack of testers at checkout, as the money goes to charity... I'm not sure whether these are sold in every store, though! I didn't review these as I gave them to my younger sister.

That's everything I purchased... I absolutely love the Tea Tree range, they're affordable and work wonders... Thank you to everyone who suggested buying them! See you in my next post loveliesss!



  1. How much were they charging for the samples? I haven't seen these in our store but if you want to try anything I they will let you have a sample. I have the tea tree cooling creamy wash. I used to like the facial wash before they changed the formula.

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. These look fab! I've been wanting to try the foaming cleanser out but I'm worried that cleansers like that will dry my skin out :/ xx Sophie/

  3. Appreciate this review greatly - I've been wanting to try the Tea Tree products but wasn't too sure. I think I'll give them a go now. Thanks :)

    Catzoel | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  4. The only product I've tried from the green tea collection was the blemish gel and it worked very well! I don't know why I haven't picked up more from that line. The toner sounds like something I would enjoy - I have a slight toner obsession.

    Monica @ Mocha and Moccasins

  5. I only ever seem to buy body butters from the Body Shop, but I've heard such good things about both their skin care and make up, think I'm going to have to check it out!
    The Graduate Goddess xx

  6. I've never heard of a blackhead remover before but it sounds like a good idea! I haven't really thought about buying my face products from the body shop before x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  7. I bought the blackhead remover and feel like it was a waste a money (glad it was only £4, as I ended up given myself scabs and still didn't remove the black head :( ugh)! I've never seen testers to buy in any of the stores I've been x

    Beauty with charm

  8. I really must check out this range. I get spots from time to time too. x

  9. I wish we had Body Shop in our country because I heard so many good things about this Tea Tree line and I really want to try it out !

  10. I love the foaming cleanser! Really want to try the squeaky-clean scrub now.

  11. I've been wanting to check out their Tea Tree range for the longest time and somehow I still haven't gotten my hands on anything! Definitely need to pay a visit to TBS soon!

    Tania |

  12. I need to try that scrub it sounds so perfect for my skin!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  13. I haven't tried anything from the Tea Tree range yet, but it looks like it has some good stuff!
    Great post

  14. The foaming tea tree skin cleanser is so worth the money - it lasts months!

    Steph - Nourish ME

  15. Great haul - I seem to be battling against my skin all the time at the moment and these look like they would be really good products :) x

    Brenda |

  16. Okay I am SO glad you made this post, I was literally in the Body Shop two days ago and wanted to try these out but didn't - you've convinced me to go back and purchase them now! Btw, you're absolutely stunning! X

    1. Ahhh, so glad I could help! & that is the sweetest thing ever, thank you so so so much! Your comment just made my day! <3 xxx

  17. I wish I had a body shop by me >.< Looks like you got some great buys! Thanks for tagging me on Twitter ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  18. My one and only Body Shop product is their Aloe Calming Toner... absolutely IN LOVE... I can't wait to try some more from them!

    Arianne |

  19. I've just reviewed some tea tree products too and I'm glad to see someone else enjoying these products. I loved the face mask I would recommend it. I wish that I'd spotted those samples! At least it gives me an excuse to go back in!

  20. I love what tea tree does to my skin! I love the Lush range of this stuff! I should try the Body Shop, and see what works better!! Thank you for sharing you link with me on Twitter!!

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

  21. Great blogentry! :)
    I've been thinking for some time if I should try some things from the body shop and have never been sure because I'm always like sticking to the products I know - because I know my skin won't get worse from it, haha. But now this really woke up my interest and I think next time I walk by the body shop I'll just buy some things and try them, thehe~
    Also I will look for the products you reviewed about (hopefully they're also in Germany, haha) and probably try them too :')

  22. Ooh the scrub I haven't seen! Really tempted to try it now :) Great post lovely!

  23. I love all of the Tea Tree range from The Body Shop. Have you tried their BB cream? It's such a good product and a lot cheaper than their otheer foundations/BB creams.
    Ellen x

  24. I used to work for The Body Shop while i was at uni. I did like their Tea Tree range! You should also try out the Seaweed range, that was really nice for dry-oily skin :)

    Alice xx

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