October 05, 2014


If you live in the UK, then you can probably appreciate where I'm coming from when I say "I can't find anywhere that sells EOS products!" A while ago, the EOS lip balm was new to America, and it really was the bomb dot com. Lots of American Bloggers and YouTubers were reviewing them, and celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian were promoting them. This meant that everyone  wanted to give the lip balm a try, but not everyone could, because in countries like the UK, they were impossible to find!
I literally searched everywhere to find them- drugstores like Superdrug and Boots.... Supermarkets like Asda and Tesco's... and even online American shops- but they were no where to be found! One day, I went into Selfridges in London, and guess what... I managed to finally find them! Oh the joy! There was something that did annoy me though... the price. You Americans may be shocked to hear that they were charging £7, which is the equivalent to $11.18- absolutely crazy if you ask me! Stupidly, being the impatient person I am, I brought it at this utterly ridiculous price! Now, the lip balm is being sold in various places in the UK, for a slightly lower price. Selfridges still sell them, they're available on Amazon, and I've even saw them in Urban Outfitters. In America, they're around $3.29 which is £2.12, and can be brought in a wide range of places.
The Red one is in the flavour Summer Fruits (from Selfridges), and the Pink is Strawberry Sorbet, it was very kindly given to me as a gift from one my closest friends, Toni- thank you girl, I love it!
As you can see I have two EOS lip balms, and I don't think I need spend time raving on about how good these products are- everyone already knows. As you can see in the image, the Strawberry Sorbet one was brand new, whereas the Summer Fruits one had been used a lot prior to this post. They're both equally as delightful, though, so keep on reading for a slightly more in depth review!
To start off with, I will talk about what makes them particularly different to other lip products. The obvious thing, is the shape. The EOS lip balms are said to be "Solid Spheres"- I found this so exciting and different! I personally love this, because it means that you don't need to physically touch the product to apply it, you simply hold the plastic packaging and put it onto your lips. I feel this is very hygienic and practical when you're at school or work. 
The second thing that makes it different, is the ingredients. This product is made up of oils, butters and vitamins. It helps to make your lips feel and look super soft, without leaving them feeling greasy- woooooo!

Summer Fruits

The scent for this one is gorgeous! It smells very fruity and summery- I'm guessing that's why it's called Summer Fruits, but I can't say for sure. It consists of strawberry, blueberry and peach extracts, and I feel the peach scent particularly comes through, and a bit of the strawberry. I can't smell any blueberry though... What does blueberry even smell like? It really smells 'delicious'- if I could, I would eat it! I have really got my use out of this. I've had it for a year, and it is no where near finishing. I should say that I don't use this every day, though... Just when my lips are dry and chapped. I love putting this particular balm over matte lip products too, to add a bit of gloss. It is an intensive moisturiser, and I'd say it is definitely worth the $3.29 that they charge over in America, but I wouldn't say it's worth £7. So, if you can't get your hands on it here, then I'd recommend waiting, they're bound to go down in price, some time!

Strawberry Sorbet
And then there's this wonderful one, from my lovely friend! So, this one smells just like strawberries (to me). Now, I'm usually not a fan of strawberry scents, I find them waaay too sickly! This lip balm however, I love! It is a really subtle scent, so isn't overpowering at all! It's great... Let's talk colours. This packaging is so cute! It's a baby pink colour, and is perfect for all you girly girls out there! It has a nice consistency to it- isn't too waxy or too greasy, and lasts a fair amount of time. I prefer to put this one on after I have scrubbed my lips using my DIY Lip Scrub. It is so moisturising and hydrating, and I'd recommend it to all of you, especially for the winter seasons which are closely approaching!

So, overall, I love these products. I do feel some places are overpriced, but it does wonders to my lips! My favourite is probably the Strawberry Sorbet one, surprisingly! This is because I do actually really love the smell of it! I am so excited to purchase some more of these when I go to America! Once again, a special shoutout to Toni, my main gal! That's it guys, I'll see you next week!


  1. These are very cute, I used to have the lemon scent and it was super moisturising!


    Em's Mixed Bag.....

  2. I really wanna try these, but you're right - £7 is RIDIC!! Hoping I can find them cheaper. Great post xx

    Kate | Kate Emma Loves.

  3. I probably would have also bought these if I had of come across them even though £7 is just crazy for a lip balm x

    Beauty with charm

  4. I'll look for them next time I'm in the UK … See if I can find them somewhere cheaper.

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

  5. I highly recommend the tangerine ones (although I think I paid at least £5 for that one and it was from Amazon.) It's crazy, you'd think they'd be easier to get a hold of over here and for a more reasonable price with the want for them being so high!

    Sammy xo.


  6. these will definitely come in useful over the winter months - just can't believe how pricey they are! hopefully they become a little more available in the UK!

    Elena | A Style Shake

  7. These look gorgeous but I wouldn't pay that much for them! I want to try the Balmi ones that are like a similar version in the UK (except they're square!) I've seen them in Boots :)

  8. Gorge! I need to pick a few of these up, Brill Post : )) x Follow me on http://instagram.com/caledoniankitty + http://Caledoniankitty.blogspot.co.uk (I'll follow back)

  9. I LOVE these! I can't believe how much they charge them for over there -- that's crazy! My personal favorite is Sweet Mint. When I have it on, people always ask me if I have gum because I smell so minty and I'm like "nope, just my lip balm!" :)

  10. They are great but I'm not a crazy fanatic of them)


  11. I've lived in the US my whole life, and I've known of these lip balms for quite some time, yet I've never tried them. This makes me want to change that :)


  12. I never knew you could get this in the UK! thanks for following girl, im a complete newbie your my first follower youve made my day!


  13. oh, I Love EOS. It's one of my favourites. Besides the adorable packaging, the formula is brilliant

    Kosmetikos užrašai - Makeup cookie

  14. I really want these! I live in the uk too. x
    Everything Beauty

  15. I got my EOS lip balm last February in New York. Its impossible to buy them isn't it, the Selfridges near me doesn't sell them either!
    It is a great product. I don't know how my lips survived without it!

  16. Nice review! The Strawberry Sorbet EOS balm is my favourite. :)


  17. These look lovely! I really want to try the strawberry sorbet one

  18. I hear you gurl :) Still can't find any near me but I will.. Defiantly going to be buying some when I eventually buy some. If not I'll get my uncle to bring me some back ;) x


  19. I keep meaning to try these, not very easy to get over in the UK but not impossible, I hear Such good things about them!

    Laura - www.petitmoi-bigworld.co.uk

  20. I can't believe how expensive that is! It really is so much cheaper in North America! (Sorry about that!) I used to have the mint one and it was my favourite!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  21. I really love EOS lip balms and they were my favourite for ages (my sister for me the whole set from hong kong a few years ago) but now I'm loving the Crazy Rumors lip balms, they have some awesome scents! x

  22. looks like i'll be investing in one of these soon. sounds like a great product


  23. Those look gorgeous! I'd love to own an EOS lip balm but the same problem is in The Netherlands - the lip balms are no where to be found! X

  24. I know your struggle, I'm from the UK and couldn't find them ANYWHERE! Glad I found this post so I know where to buy them xxx


  25. We have the same problem in New Zealand. Shipping is super expensive too. Ahhh the struggle!!!!


  26. I have also finally find them here in Germany!!! They really are the best and so practical :D

    Happy holidays <3


  27. EOS are amazing. I have been trying out the lemon one at the moment x


  28. Seen these around and really want to try them. Love the shape and people seem to love them. I always hate how we get ripped off in the UK though!


  29. I absolutely love dos, my favourite is the mint at the moment.


  30. Found the Honeysuckle And Honeydew melon (basically the green one) in at Teesside Park in England, for around five pounds in Bank, they only had the one though (-: thank you for following me Luscious Lane! Xx

  31. Thank your for this review. I have been searching places where I could buy these lip balms and it really is difficult to find them. I live in Portugal and I find that same problem.

    Continue with the good work :D


  32. I have been looking for these everywhere. Going to America later on this year so going to stock up i think :)