October 19, 2014


I turned 16! .... (about 5 months ago).
As many of you know, I am super behind on my blogging schedule, and I have been avoiding writing this post for the longest amount of time! The reason I have been avoiding it, is because I know I'd ramble on and on and on. So to prevent this from happening, I am only showing a few of the wonderful gifts I received, and I will be keeping the text short and sweet. Can I say a massive thank you to everyone who brought me a present (sorry I couldn't put them all in this post) and thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday- you made my day! *Disclaimer* I am not trying to brag in any way, the reason I am sharing this with you is because a few of my friends wanted to see their present featured in my post (so cute), and also this post may give you some inspiration as to what you can buy for other people!
The first item I received was this stunning piece of jewellery from my lovely auntie! It's a limited edition 'Heart Pave Bangle' from Pandora, and retails at £100 (with the heart charms). As it was my sixteenth, she also purchased a 16 charm, which costs £35. It was so generous of her! I really adore this piece, it's simple so can be worn with any outfit- whether you're going casual, or formal. She decided that on each of my birthdays, she would buy me a charm to add to it, which I personally think is a great idea! (Message to my auntie: thank you so much for this, I looooooove it, and you really did splurge way more than you needed to.)

This item was very kindly given to me by my friend, Toni, who was featured in my EOS lip balm review. In case you didn't know, I am a huge Made In Chelsea fan, and Jamie Laing is obviously my favourite member. This is his brand. Previously, I have reviewed some of their 'Gourmet Candy' which you can have a read of... I wanted this book for a while, but didn't think to actually purchase it... When I saw that my wonderful friend Toni got me it, I was so happy, haha! Honestly though, this cook book is soooo cute, and has so many amazing recipes in it. Clearly, she knows me very well... Thank you so much Toni, I love it!

I feel like this is an appropriate gift to show you next, as it ties in with the Jamie Laing theme. My amazing friend Rhiannon gave me the cutest present I could've asked for. I was genuinely so surprised and excited to open a card from Jamie Laing himself- what!?!? I love this gift in particular, because it was really thoughtful, and she went to so much effort to get it. Rhiannon basically contacted the Candy Kitten team and asked them whether Jamie Laing could write me card, and that's exactly what happened...  This is probably my favourite present of them all! Can I just add- We can't work out whether he actually thinks I'm a boy, as 'Rikki' isn't the most feminine name, or whether he just wrote that in the card as it is his signature phrase, haha! I guess we'll never know. Either way, it was such a clever, sweet gesture, and I'd like to say a huge thank you to Rhiannon, the CK team, and of course, Jamie himself, for taking the time out to get this to me on my birthday!

So, Rhiannon got me lots of lovely bits, but I had to include this product in specific. It is an Essie polish in the shade 'Lapiz Of Luxury'. I love my nail polishes, and can't get enough of them, so I was obviously very happy to have another polish to add to the collection! I hadn't (prior to this) tried an Essie polish, as I do feel they are slightly overpriced, (around £8), but when Rhiannon brought me this, I instantly fell in love with it, and have since purchased some more. I did a short review on it for Yahoo, which you can see here.

This is the first Dior product I've ever received. It's a spray on foundation (not a tan), that retails at £35 from Debenhams. It supposedly gives you a 'flawless' and 'airbrushed' effect, and hides all your imperfections and blemishes. I can admit, it does do all of this! You can either apply a thin layer, or your can build it up. It takes seconds to apply and feels super lightweight! The person at Dior used a skin matching device to find the perfect shade for me, so it may be worth asking them to do this, before rushing in and buying it. You need to be careful though, because if you spray it on your clothes, it doesn't come off very easily. It also takes a bit of getting used to how to use it. I only like to use it on special occasions, and prefer to use a light BB cream on a daily basis.

Finally, I wanted to show this perfume from Elie Saab. This is a duo, and I can't seem to find this box anymore, (as it was given to me a while ago) but I've managed to find the products individually. The left perfume is £37.50 from Boots and the right one (in the full size) is £66 from Debenhams. They smell delightful, and I feel like they're well worth investing in!

So, that's everything I managed to photograph and review. I am planning on buying the Canon 700D, with the money I was very generously gifted. It retails £700+ in Curry's, but I personally feel like this is very expensive for a camera. Please let me know if you know anywhere that sells it cheaper, and feel free to let me know your thoughts on it! I did originally want to buy the Canon 600D, but I have heard they are very difficult to get a hold of. The reason for telling you guys this is because I am purchasing this camera specifically for my blog, so wanted your input in it!

That's it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this post... An enormous thank you to everyone who was kind enough to buy me a present, and sorry I could only show a selection! Thank you for everyone's birthday messages- and I guess I'll see you soon!


  1. I love that Elie Saab perfume, a friend of mine wears it and it smells amazing! x

    Glitter Infatuation - Bloglovin

  2. Loved this post and the Dior foundation looks amazing! I really love the bangle! x


  3. Aw how lovely that your friend got the card from Jamie Laing for you! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday!



  4. I love the ESSIE nailpolish ! It's such a beautiful color !

  5. The nail polish is so pretty! Happy belated birthday ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  6. Happy Birthday i hope you had an amazing 16th :) xx

  7. Happy belated birthday :) xx

    The charm bracelet is such a cute and fun idea!


  8. Happy belated birthday! :) That's so cool that Jamie actually wrote you a birthday card, that's so nice of him to do that. x


  9. Happy belated bday!

    Loving your polish and also your gifts :)


  10. Happy birthday. Love your gifts glad you had a good day x

  11. Love the first photo, so cute! I had no idea you're only 16, your blog is amazing! :)
    I definitely have more than a crush on Jamie Laing haha :)
    cottonandcandie xx

  12. Happy belated birthday! :) All these presents look so nice! The Essie polish looks really beautiful! I have never used Essie polish either but last week I bought one because I heard so many good stories about Essie. Having read your short review, I'm extra excited to try it out :)

  13. Hi there! I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love your blog! I follow you on BlogLovin’ and I hope you don’t mind but I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” The link to see it is here: http://www.taylornoir.com/one-lovely-blog-award/ I hope you have a great day and keep posting amazing things! -Taylor Noir

  14. Lovely gifts, that's so sweet of your friend to go to that trouble for you to get a card signed! x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam // Pretty Honest Giveaway

  15. Your friend is amazing for getting Jamie to write you a card! That's awesome.
    That nail polish shade is gooorgeous.
    Love VictoriaJanex

  16. I've been wanting to try out that Dior foundation, I hope it works well for you! Happy Birthday!

    Nikki | www.21lux.blogspot.com

  17. That nail varnish is such a beautiful colour! x


  18. Great presents!!!


  19. This is a great blog, I relate so much hahaha x

  20. The Elie Saab fragrance is gorgeous, I wear that myself :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  21. Wonderful gifts, you lucky girl! :-)

  22. Hi , I love your blog. I have been reading it for a while but just now I decided to comment. Seems like you have received some very nice things. Happy ( late ) birthday :D

    If you could start to check my blog out , I would appreciate it.