November 02, 2014


I finally decided to create a tag!

Right until the last second, I was debating whether or whether not to post this- it's a bit out of my comfort zone. I've decided to just go for it. I often get asked questions by new bloggers about what happens 'behind the blog', so it's clearly something that people have a genuine interest for. I thought rather than individually answering the same questions, it would probably be easier to turn it into a tag, so other people can get involved too! It's definitely more of a more personal tag, about you as a Blogger or YouTuber. I will be tagging people on Twitter, and make sure if you're reading this, you consider doing it, too!

Here we go...

Why and when did you start blogging?

I started blogging about a year ago. The reason I decided to start my own blog was because I wanted to do something with my life that I could stick with. I was fed up of being the only person without a talent or a hobby. I watch a lot of YouTubers, and was really keen on starting my own channel, but I was very weary about putting myself straight out there on the internet- so I looked for an alternative choice. I knew that many YouTubers also had a blog, and this seemed like a safer option, so I just went for it.

What gives you inspiration for blog posts?

There's no place I go to look for inspiration. I just blog about things I like. I love coming up with new and exciting ideas (things that I haven't seen many other people do). Because my blog is quite varied (with anything from beauty to food to interviews) I have a lot of scope to post about whatever. This means that I always have something to post about and therefore don't need much 'inspiration'.

What advise would you give to people starting out?

I always get asked this question from new bloggers! I am hoping of doing a series of posts to help with this. My number one tip would have to be being active on social media, like Twitter as it's very important to network with other bloggers. (It's also great to make new friends who have similar interests as you!)

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Where do I start? The best thing is probably the blogging community itself. There are so many lovely bloggers out there, that I love getting to know! The comments are another thing I adore about blogging. It's so nice reading all of the sweet comments people leave- they really make my day!

What do your friends and family think about you being a blogger?

I am very selective with who I tell. Slowly, more and more people are coming to know about my blog, but I don't feel comfortable telling everyone. On the whole, my friends and family are very supportive, and love my blog, but there is obviously the odd person who has no clue (and frankly couldn't care less) about a blog. The people I actually care about love the fact that I am a blogger, and that's all that matters to me.

Is blogging how you pictured it to be?

Noooo! Blogging is so different to how I imagined. It requires a lot more time and effort than I originally thought, and it is a lot harder to get people to notice it. You see bloggers with thousands and thousands of followers and think "pshhh, can't be that hard..." but for any of you non-bloggers out there, it is hard! Nevertheless, I do love it, a lot!

Are there any bloggers that you feel deserve more readers/ have you made any friends through blogging?

There are sooo many amazing, genuine bloggers out there. Too many to mention in this paragraph, but there are a few that spring to mind. These particular bloggers I have got to know over Twitter, and I am now a huge fan of their blogs too! Shoutout to Anouska from beauteaparty, Zoe from Classic Rouge, Emily from Pretty Please, and Abi from Kemples. Like I said, there are so many more but if I mentioned each blogger, the list would be never ending!

What inspired your blog name?
Well, I went through a ton of different names for my blog. Some were really bad, and I am way too embarrassed to tell you them haha. I came up with 'Luscious Lane' when I was sat in Costa Coffee with some family members. I wanted some alliteration in there to make the name catchy. Some suggestions were terrible, others were good, but were already taken by other bloggers. There's no doubt about it, coming up with a name for your blog can be extremely time consuming, but we just kept coming up with ideas until we came up with 'Luscious Lane' which seemed perfect at that time, but is a bit cringey now, haha!

Thanks for reading- I really appreciate it! Let me know what you thought of the tag.. xo


  1. Ah great tag! I'll definitely be doing this tag when I get the chance! One thing I definitely love about blogging is the community, I had no idea about it until I started! It's like a whole new secret world! haha x

  2. This is such a good tag and it was really interesting to find out more about you. I will definitely be giving it a go too xxx

  3. This is such a nice tag! I can definitely relate to the things you say about inspiration, the reasons to start blogging and the fact that blogging is more work than you think it is but a lot of fun nonetheless!

  4. Such a wonderful idea for a tag! It really is so hard to get noticed! But I love how the blog community is and how supportive we are of one another xx

  5. I agree with most of the things you said I have done a few videos on youtube but I like Blogging much more, :) I love getting to know other Bloggers and their journey I would love it if you did an advice post for new Blogger I love to hear everyones advice on this as I am quite new and it's kind of a hidden community in my eyes. I haven't told anyone but my partner that I am Blogging I don;t think my family would take it seriously as I do.

    Great post xox

  6. Loved reading your post and thanks so much for my mention it means an awful lot! I think you and your blog are a amazing! Keep up the great work. I have to agree with everything you say too.. Thanks again lovely! Xx

  7. We love this tag! I agree with most of the things you've said, I absolutely love getting comments and replying them, they really make my day! And just being able to find more amazing new blogs! It is extremely time consuming though, I agree!


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  9. Love this tag! I'm a new blogger and I've come to realize there's a great community for bloggers! Also it IS hard work which I never thought it would be but it's fun!

  10. Lovely post to read, I love the tag ones!

  11. I'm still a bit weary of creating a Youtube channel. I just don't know if it's for me, so I can totally relate on that point. :] // ☼ ☯

  12. Love the tag, I'm doing it right now will post it on Friday :) x

  13. Love this tag, can't wait to write up some answers myself. I agree about the blogging community, it's something I love been a part of I get so much inspiration from twitter chats and great recommendations too xx

  14. What a lovely tag! I agree with you on so many levels in the answers you gave! I am still, to this day, considering if my blog name was right for me! So hard to choose one that's not already taken! The annoying thing is when you see a name you love is taken and there is no content on the blog. It just feels like the names been wasted, you know? haha! Lovely tag, though! I am glad you came out of your comfort zone to create it <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

  15. this post is so amazing! you earned yourself a new fan: me! haha