November 23, 2014


With Christmas fast approaching, I understand that it can be a very expensive time for a lot of us. So it's crucial to be savvy with our money. *Lyla Loves (a wonderful jewellery company) were kind enough to gift me one of their necklaces, to do a review in exchange. They are very keen on promoting their £1 range. Yes, you heard right... £1! I think their jewellery would be an excellent item to add to a part of someone's Christmas present...

Their prices vary, from £1 all the way through to £30, so it's just a matter of finding what suits you! My first impression when I heard of a '£1 range' was "cheap price, cheap quality"... I was quickly proven wrong! In actual fact, the necklace is very heavy and seems to be of great quality.

The colour is a mixture of Gold, Pink, Silver and White. Personally, I feel like these colours really compliment each other, and can be worn with a variety of outfits. It consists of a chain, silk thread, pears, and diamante beads.

 The chain is chunky and heavy, and has a simple clasp at the back, and is very comfortable to wear.

The reason I chose the 'Pink Statement Necklace', in the first place was because I have previously purchased similar necklaces, that were a lot more pricey. I believe the Red necklace (shown in the above image) was around £12 from H&M, and the Multi-coloured one was around £15. I love all three of these necklaces, but considering the price difference, you'd be mad not to opt for the Lyla Loves one. 
I want to say thanks again to Lyla Loves for giving me this lovely necklace. After cruising through their wonderful website, I have spotted a lot of other lovely pieces that I think some of you would love... especially their dainty jewellery, which is around £3. I would highly recommend looking at their website! I hope you liked this post, girls. I'll see you next week!


  1. I definitely have to check this out! I'm not that much of a jewellery person, but I do want to start collecting some statement pieces, and whenever I spot a nice necklace that I love, the number on the price tag just kills me everytime!

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  2. Omg they all look stunning and I can't believe they hardly cost anything to buy. x

  3. Such a gorgeous necklace! and an amazing price!

    Charlotte //

  4. Stunning necklaces!

  5. oooo they are simply stunning . xox

  6. These necklaces look stunning! It's hard to believe how cheap they are! I just checked up their website and I found some nice necklaces that I would like to buy :)

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  7. I love the colours. And the prices


  8. Not a huge fan of jewellery but these pieces are gorgeous not to mention affordable!