March 21, 2015


Easter is on it's way so I have created a cute and easy Easter NOTD using the Flashmob Shock-Treatment* kit. 

As you can see, the kit consists of 4 polishes: an Orange, a Yellow, a White and a Pink. They're all very bright colours which I think are perfect for Summer! These polishes have an amazing watery consistency which are super easy to apply. I'm not a huge fan of the White base so I used my Sinful Colours White instead. The other colours are brilliant though... They're quite transparent, but if you put a white base underneath then the colours really 'pop', I was really pleased with end result.

It also comes with these three glitters. I decided against using these in this particular nail tutorial, as I thought they could be used on a separate occasion. I have previously reviewed the Turbo-Wattage kit from Flashmob which you can see here. Anyway, I hope you like this design and here's the tutorial...

Firstly, I applied my clear base coat and then my Sinful Colours 'Snow Me White'.

I then used a dotting tool and dipped it into the gorgeous Orange and created simple polka dots all over my nail. If you don't own a dotting tool then you can use the end of a pencil, a hair grip or a toothpick. I find polka dots very simple but effective and it reminds me of a design you'd see on an Easter Egg. After this, I moved on to the other nails and painted one in the Yellow polish and one in the Pink.

I then left them to dry and meanwhile moved on to my index finger. Here, I used all of the colours and drew some simple stripes using my Wah Nails nail striper. I love all of these colours so much and I really felt like they complemented each other.

By this point, the other nails had dried (like I said the polishes do dry extremely quickly). So I dipped my smaller nail striper (also from Wah Nails) into my white polish. I created a zig zag pattern on the centre of my nail as it reminded me of an chick design. I decided that I wanted the nail to look more 'full' so drew some more White polka dots on.

I needed my ring finger to be the 'driest' so I left it to last. I got some sellotape and made it less sticky by lifting back and forth from a surface so that it wouldn't pull my polish off with it. I then put it on my nail in a diagonal way and went over it with the Orange polish and straight away removed the Sellotape. This meant that half the nail was Yellow and the other half was Orange. You can see the final design in the initial image.

I hope you liked this tutorial guys! I haven't done a NOTD in ages! Please let me know if you enjoyed this or if you want to see more NOTD's. I'll see you in my next post guys...


  1. Pretty nails!


  2. I am in love with this nail look! It looks amazing for the spring and Easter!

    Rachel |

  3. Wow they look so cheerful and colourful :)

    Mel ♥ everyword

  4. Wow they look so cheerful and colourful :)

    Mel ♥ everyword

  5. I would so do this if I was bothered to:,) Looks so cute though!

    Eva ||

  6. These are the cutest nails I've seen in a long time!


  7. Great post :) The pink nail colour looks really nice, now if only I had the nails to be able to do this with!
    Thank you for leaving your link on twitter btw!

  8. Ah! They look so pretty and sweet!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe