April 08, 2015


Like a lot of people, I love jewellery! I haven't done a jewellery related post in a while though, so when I was contacted by the wonderful brand "Beautiful Bijoux", I just couldn't say no! (All opinions are my own). This is going to be a very 'picture heavy' post as I feel like words don't do the products I describe justice, but I love each and every product I received and feel like this shop is a very reasonable one, and the products are definitely worth the money.

I'm going to start with this beautiful Opal Silver gemstone necklace€9,95 (you can purchase these items if you live in the UK or US too). Recently I've been loving Instagram. I especially enjoy looking at the jewellery sites which sell the most stunning pieces of jewellery, but at extortionate prices. I've seen necklaces, similar to this one, in lots of high street and online shops recently, but I have been reluctant to buy one as they're just so pricey... I genuinely feel as if  €9,95 is reasonable in comparison to the other necklaces I have seen. The necklace is much longer than I thought it would be, and it's so simple and delicate that I feel like it could be worn with anything. I chose the Opal one, however they sell a variety of gorgeous colours including the 'Rose Quartz', 'Crystal', 'Amethyst', 'White Howlite' and 'Turquoise' (all lovely and all the same price).

This is a much more 'formal' piece which I also love. I feel like it would 'jazz' up a boring or plain outfit and I prefer to wear this necklace as more of a 'statement' piece. It feels like really good quality as it's quite heavy and sits nicely when you wed eleganar it. It has a small chain on the back so you can adjust it if you need to. Also, the necklace looks very expensive (although it was extremely affordable) and is therefore great if you're buying on a budget but still want to find elegant looking jewellery. I believe they've sold out of this particular piece, but you can find many more similar statement necklaces here

I no longer own this Woven Glam White Bracelet as my mum fell in love with it and decided she wanted to keep it for herself, haha! So, this is a super pretty bracelet which is made of a silky material and has some small silver gems in the middle. It's a simple piece that would look great with a casual outfit. As it's a creamy/ gold colour, it is very versatile and suitable for lots of different people or lots of different occasions etc. This also comes in a Light Pink, Black, Light Orange, Burgundy and a Darker Pink- they're €5,95 each.

*Choker appreciation time* I've wanted a choker for sooo long now! The 'tattoo chokers' have been really in fashion recently, but the one I chose is a bit different. This is the Gold Star choker- as the name suggests, it's a choker with a really pretty gold star charm on it. As it's is so simple and as it's Black and Gold it is very versatile so can be worn with anything and everything. I like this necklace in particular as it's not too girly and feminine so is suitable for a wide range of people. It's only €4,95 and I think it's worth every penny! I absolutely love Beautiful Bijoux. They sell the cutest things and I would honestly highly recommend checking out their website. I honestly feel as if there is something for everyone!

This is an international giveaway. If you'd like to enter, simply follow Beautiful Bijoux on Instagram (@BeautifulBijoux) and mine (@MyLusciousLane). Make sure you press on the actual enter button... Good luck everyone!

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  1. Love the formal necklace... Perfect for a wedding or the races :) xx


  2. All of these items look so pretty! I love the opal necklace :)

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

  3. All of these pieces are gorgeous!!! Especially love the choker and the bracelet, it'd be amazing to win.

    I'm doing a giveaway over on my blog as well, it'd be awesome if you'd go check it out!!
    whitnibble.blogspot.com I Naked Basics Palette Giveaway

  4. I love the opal necklace. it's really pretty.

    Hayley \\ cityandcode

  5. Oh my god these pieces are gorgeous!! Especially the gemstone necklace , so beautiful!! x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

  6. Such gorgeous items! I particular love that gemstone necklace as I'm obsessed with opal!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  7. This is so pretty!💖 i'm in!😝

  8. Waaw, I love the webshop Beautiful Bijoux! You've select really pretty things from them:)
    I'm in!
    x Loïs

  9. Done! Hou van hun sieraden!💍💜

  10. I followed! i really really like beautifulbijoux! im in! xx

  11. followed my username is natalielara1989 :) Fingers crossed xxx

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