June 12, 2015


I know many of us (including myself) love makeup and want lots of it. However, it can quickly escalate and become very expensive. I was contacted by 'Save On Makeup'- a brand who sell makeup for "cheap prices". At first, the idea seemed too good to be true, but when I went onto their website, I was pleasantly surprised by their purse-friendly prices (both drugstore and high end). They gave me a budget of £20 to spend and I got to browse through their website and choose what I wanted. Initially, I thought this was going to be very challenging but I was shocked by how much I managed to get for just £20.

The first thing that stood out to me was this Mascara. I really enjoy reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos before buying something and I have heard so many amazing reviews on this product. So, when I noticed that they sold it, there was no question about it- I immediately added it to my list. I can honestly say this lives up to that reputation. It is an absolutely faultless mascara, in my opinion. It usually retails at around £8.00 but Save On Makeup only charges £5.77! I think it's worth every penny...

I then chose this Calvin Klein lipstick. Save On Makeup have a surprisingly large selection of lipsticks, this colour in particular caught my eye. The colours are very pigmented but are a little bit difficult to apply if your lips are chapped. This saving is probably my favourite- it usually retails at £13.50 but Save On Makeup sell it for just £1.99- I repeat £1.99!! Crazy, right!?

A while ago, I had a terrible break out and it left me with a lot of scarring. I've ran out of my concealer, so decided to try this concealer kit from W7. I love the concept of this concealer kit because there are many different shades all in one pallet, however, I do prefer the liquid based concealers as they have slightly better coverage. I love this kit if you're on the go, though. It's only £2.99 from Save On Makeup.

I'm loving my lip liners recently so, no surprise, the next product I chose was a lip liner. This one is from Bare Minerals, and is a very dark burgundy/ brown colour. It's obviously best when you have a dark lipstick to match. It applies super easily and lasts a fairly long time. At £1.99, I'd class it as a very affordable item.

I tend to stick with my collection eyeliner as it has a felt tip end, so is very easy to apply. For a change, I decided to try this L'Oreal eyeliner which comes with a brush. I love the consistency of the liner, but the colour is a brown/ gold shade and I don't feel as if the colour really suits me. If you are a fan of these types of colours, then I would definitely recommend this product. It is also waterproof so wont smudge through the day. This is one of the more pricey products which normally retails at around £10.99, but Save On Makeup sells it for just £5.77.

The final product I received is this eyelash curler. I simply chose this because I had 99p to spare. At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to get anything for this price, but when looking carefully at their website, I noticed that they had a whole range dedicated to £1 products, so it is well worth checking out! This is usually £2.40, but costs 99p from Save On Makeup.

I really love the concept of this brand and it is definitely a website I'd use again (especially if I am buying in bulk, because orders over £45 get free delivery)! A massive thank you to Save On Makeup, I loved using these products and I loved the idea of managing to buy so many items under £20!


  1. This website sounds too good to be true! Your photos are wonderful :)

    Seren xo | Pepe Silvia

  2. That Maybelline mascara does wonders for my lashes. Does that L´oreal Paris gel eyeliner work? If it does I might buy one too, in need of a new gel eyeliner!

    http://catheartbudget.blogspot.com X

  3. Sounds like a great website, i love trying to save money on makeup x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  4. I like Maybelline's mascara a lot!


  5. Omg I must check out this saveonmakeup website! Must have alot of great bargains finds!
    Lauren xx | laurlauu

  6. I agree, this website does sound too good to be true at first. You found some good bargains and thanks for sharing xxx


  7. I have the L'Oreal eye liner in black and I adore it, its brilliant!

    lillies and lipbalm

  8. This is so cool! I love drugstore and discounted makeup items! You should also check out Fragrance Direct website, you can purchase discounted makeup products and it is genuine.