July 28, 2015


This post is sooooo overdue (and when I say overdue, I mean 7 months overdue)! So I want to start by apologising about the delay to Rongrong, a truly wonderful and extremely patient lady who very kindly gave me one of her prints to review. She is honestly one of the most lovely ladies I have ever contacted online. So, what does she do? Well, she is the very talented woman who owns Rongrong Illustration, a fashion and custom illustration Etsy company. I am so satisfied with the wonderful service she has provided me with, so I would like to begin with saying a huge thank you to her!

I found her Etsy account when I was looking for a new phone case. I saw one of her beautiful iPhone cases and was very keen on getting one. However, she is based in America and I live in the UK, so she suggested that I took a look at her prints as they have less chance of breaking during shipping. When I saw her drawings, I was in love... I genuinely thought "this is the best Etsy account I have ever seen in my whole entire life"!

This is the illustration I ended up choosing, but it wasn't an easy choice considering how indecisive I am. It's a drawing of Sarah Jessica Parker, and was one of the drawings from her 'celebrity' range. I chose this because I adored the simplicity of the black and white but loved the bright pink paint splodges at the bottom as they really stood out! The prices vary depending on the size you choose (starting at £7.89) and go up accordingly. You can also choose whether or not you want the splash on it. The drawing speaks for itself, but you can clearly see just how talented she is. She has tons of items for sale including her prints, bags, mugs and phone cases... I know it's very late notice, but she also has a sale on at the moment when the phone cases are 25% off if you enter 'Julysale' as a code!

Just like thousands of others, I am a huge fan of her work. Her amazing creations definitely haven't gone unnoticed considering she has gained a following of over 10,500 followers on Instagram and has been featured in top magazines like Houston Chronicle, InStyle and even Vogue! She has a blog which you can check out and I'd strongly encourage following her beautiful Instagram (she occasionally does a giveaway too!)

That's it for this post! I am in love with every single product from this Etsy account, and I want to say another big thank you to the gorgeous owner for providing me with this amazing print and for being so patient with me! Thanks for reading, see you soon...


  1. Wow this is amazing! I love the illustrations, thanks for sharing :)

    Sonam - http://fashtasticflare.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. just had a looked at etsy - so much pretty in one shop...definitely adding some of those illustrations to my ever growing wishlist. Thanks for sharing this - better late than never ;)

  3. SO beautiful! x