July 03, 2015


Hmm, where do I start?

There's honestly so much I'd like to write on this post, but I'm going to keep it brief to prevent you getting too bored... Even before I started blogging, I had always heard good things about coconut oil so have always wanted to try it. I was kindly sent some coconut oil by Vita Coco, (a brand that I had previously heard of from their famous coconut water range) and obviously, I couldn't say no! After getting my mum to try these tricks, she has actually gone and purchased her own pot of coconut oil...

My oil came in the cutest box ever! It had statemnts all around it, suggesting some of the things that coconut oil would be good for. The price of the pot varies depending on where you purchase it from and the size of the pot you choose. I have seen this being sold in both Holland & Barrett and Boots. You can purchase it here.

It comes in a glass pot and is (usually) solid at room temperature but melts when it touches your skin (due to the heat). If you live in a hotter climate, it will probably remain a liquid consistency at all times. It's extremely moisturising and hydrating and the pot lasts a very long time. This particular one from Vita Coco is organic, and I would highly recommend it to everyone. It really is a wonder product!

The main reason I like coconut oil is because it can be used for so many different things. Not only is good to include in your diet, it also has many 'beauty benefits', some of which are listed below...

1) It can be used as a makeup remover- I've tried this and it works wonderfully. I do love my Micellar Water though, it's a lot quicker to use that coconut oil, but this is a fantastic substitute.

2) It helps reduce pores, wrinkles and even scarring- I massage it into my face every morning and have noticed a big improvement in my scarring.

3) It can be used as a shaving cream- I tried this on my legs and got such a close shave! I was so shocked by the amazing results.

4) It's a great cuticle oil- I found it very hydrating, but I have to admit, I still prefer my Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Oil above anything else...

5) It can help tame frizzy hair- Obviously, don't apply too much as it will make your hair look greasy, but I have been applying it to the ends of my hair after I have washed and dried it, and it helps prevent it from getting too dry!

6) It's an amazing moisturiser- In fact, I like it more than any body butter I own.

7) It helps clean your makeup brushes- I love this one, it makes cleaning your brushes so easy! (You can also use olive oil for this).

8) It works well as an eye cream- You can put it beneath your eyes over night. It has a long term effect, so you won't notice a big difference instantly.

9) You can use it as a hair mask- When I was trying to grow my hair, I watched loads of 'hair care routine' videos on YouTube, and coconut oil as a deep repair hair mask was mentioned in almost every one!

EAT IT. WEAR IT. SWEAR BY IT... I sure will!

A big thank you to the lovely lady who sent this out to me. It's definitely a product I will keep repurchasing as it has such great short term and long term effects! Thanks for reading everyone...


  1. Looks and sounds lovely, will keep an eye out for this! <3

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  2. Coconut Oil is a life essential for me! I have a tub in my kitchen and a tub in my bathroom :) use it for everything you listed! And also use it in baking and general sauteƩing/frying :)

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

  3. I love drinking vita coco! So cool that they have coconut oil! Coconut oil is amazing I love using it on my body and face.


  4. Sounds great! I used to use coconut oil as a hair mask so I might pick this up and start doing that again.

    Belle in Black and White

  5. Would like to try it!!!!


  6. I have nominated you for the 'Blogger Recognition Award' https://katylouise1.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/the-blogger-recognition-award/

  7. I love coconut oil and how versatile it is :)
    Great post btw!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

  8. thanks for sharing!

    i love coconut so ill have to look into it for sure <3

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