September 13, 2015



I'm back guys... (For the hundredth time)! I've had the ultimate bloggers block and have had zero enthusiasm to produce a blog post that I'm happy with. A lot has happened since I last posted. I've got my first job, received my AS level results, started my second year of college, been on holiday to America, and have managed to break my laptop (yay!). But anyway, I'm back and I'm ready to finally post more often again...

This post is about a wonderful company called Mizspa. I was very kindly contacted by one of girls there who asked me to do a review of one of their products, and they even said I could do a giveaway of it, too! So, I had a choice of reviewing any beauty related item on their website. After a lot of browsing, I decided on trying this SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Prior to discovering their website, I hadn't heard of SK-II. After some research though, I've realised it's a very high end (very expensive) skincare brand. They're sold in Harrods but I've never seen them. They retail at $159 which converts to around £103, and although this may seem expensive, the RRP is $250 which is £162, so you're making a good saving!

Firstly, it's packaged in this burgundy box. It's quite a large bottle and will last a very long time. This product is considered a miracle for a lot of people. What makes it so special is that it contains Pitera, a plant only found in SK-II's products. It helps alongside the skins normal 28 day renewal process and you use it on a daily basis to moisturise and to hydrate your skin.

It comes in frosted glass (which probably isn't the best thing for a clumsy person like me) but it does make the product look very expensive. When I initially tried this product, my skin slightly broke out. I think this was because it was clearing it as it didn't happen again after. I found that it really did help my skin appear more vibrant and glowy, and it also felt a lot less dry. It really is a great product to prime your skin with. The product didn't irritate my skin at all. In fact it was very soothing and cooling and felt just like water. It was quickly absorbed and I could barely feel it after it had dried up.

Anyway, more about Mizspa... I'm really in love with their website at the moment. They sell so many high end products for a reduced price, and they range from fragrances to lotions to makeup and so much more. It really is every girls dream! They sell brands like Chanel, D&G, Marc Jacobs and a ton of others. Before you go and buy an expensive perfume etc., make sure you check out this website first to see if you can get a better deal! If you're not into your designer brands, they also sell drugstore items too..

NOW THE FUN PART... Here is our giveaway... To enter, you have to like Mizspa's Facebook page, follow their Twitter, or follow their Instagram. It really is as simple as that... Good luck guys, and thank you so much for reading!!

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  1. i've never heard of the website Mizspa, not have i heard of SK-II i think i need to have a little look at both!! :) x

  2. Awesome blog Rikki! The pictures are beautiful and congrats to the new job! :)

  3. I'm new to your blog and I absolutely love it already! You've definitely given me a high expectation of Mizspa and the brand SK-II and I will definitely be looking into both!