January 16, 2017


It's crazy to think that after 3 years of debating it, I have finally decided to create my first fashion post! I'm definitely venturing slightly outside of my comfort zone, but I think that's what blogging is all about.

After searching through Noodz Boutique's wide range of beautiful bandage dresses, I found 'Holly', a mini, figure-hugging dress and instantly fell in love! It comes in 9 different colours and I was totally torn between the black and the nude. Naturally, I was drawn more to the black, but I always wear black and wanted to try something a little different, so went for the nude.

This dress was shipped all the way from Australia and I got it in a size 8 (UK size), which was initially slightly tight to get on, but was the perfect fit when I had zipped it up and put it on properly. My first thought was about how amazing quality of the dress was! The product has a stretchy, elastic feel but is very thick too. 

This dress is super flattering. It makes your legs look longer and accentuates your natural curves. It has two shoulder straps which make the dress feel a lot more comfortable and ensures that the sweetheart neck line doesn't get too low.

 It has a zip down the centre of the back which is really handy- especially for those of us who do our makeup first and struggle to get our dresses onto our body without getting foundation all over it-we've all been there!The detailing is also really simply but sophisticated.

The dress retails at £79.99 and they offer an interest free service, where you can pay it in 4 instalments (£19.99 each time). It's definitely worth the money- it feels and looks really expensive and luxury!

That's it for this post... I will definitely be wearing this out very soon, so make sure you follow my Instagram so you can see more pictures! I'd highly recommend following Noodz Boutique on Instagram too as their dresses and co ords are to die for!

Thanks for reading,
Rikki xx


  1. What a great post! Congratulations on it being your first fashion post! The pictures came out lovely and the dress is so beautiful! I love wearing nude so this color is right up my street. :) xoxo


  2. Congratulations on your first fashion post, it's great and the dress is beautiful, I definitely need to take a look at the boutique. Thanks for sharing dear.

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